December 10, 2010

"My old Kentucky home"

BIG NEWS! Our lives are changing! We've made our decision on which dental school to attend!

Lets see if you can guess...

So my dad was offered the job in Russell Springs, KY (its the one he's been tryin to get for the last month + or so.) IF you remember from a previous post, that would put them TWO HOURS from us if we went to Louisville. so Guess what.... we're going to LOUISVILLE!!
We're super pumped!

When my mom called Wednesday with the news about my dad, Drew did a little dance and said... "we're going to louisville!" It was decided. In days since we started receiving acceptances, his thoughts were starting to focus. Colorado was built up in his mind because of the closeness to the mountains = snowboarding. Well we didn't hear from Colorado. You know I had been pulling for Louisville for awhile, so the seed was planted in Drews mind. And he started realizing that it was actually his favorite school, "it's LEGIT"

So there ya go. I'm gunna pop out a baby and a month later we'll be on the rode to our cross country home. It still doesn't seem real. Any of it. But I feel so so so blessed. Mostly because everything I wanted, is happening ;).

^^our new home^^

December 06, 2010

18 weeks and Kentucky bound?

Yes, that is a question mark. As some of you know from facebook, this last week was the real deal. December 1st was the long awaited day, beginning of Dental school acceptances! We got pretty lucky, I must say. Here's how we did.

-University of Louisville
-Case Western
-Oklahoma University

Louisville started us off, Tuesday Nov 30 at exactly 12:01 am their time. In case any of you have forgotten, Louisville in my number one choice! So hearing from them first.. it was great!

Then I think the rest of the schools went in that order. Not too sure. UNLV didnt accept him on this round, but didn't reject him either. I could care less about that school, I dont want to live in Vegas.

But Drew did say, more than likely, we're going to LOUISVILLE! WAHOO! I dont know about him, but me and my family are pumped about that! Now we just need to get Davey in Kentucky too.

So I am 18 weeks as of yesterday. Things are still going great. No sickness. I do have discomfort sleeping so hopefully santa brings me that quality prego pillow I've been asking for ;) I still haven't felt little Parker move yet, but I'm sure he's in there moving. He is Drew's son after all, so I'm sure he can't sit still. I have another doctors appointment in two weeks so hopefully everything is still according to plan!

Oh, and I think I'm getting my bump finally. ha! people say I'm not, but I take that as them calling me fat pre-pregnancy. I'm sorry, but I dont think my belly was stickin out like this before. haha. I need to get a belly picture taken. ha, we'll see how well that'll work out.


November 24, 2010

Parker won the race!

Monday I had my 16 week pre-natal appointment. Luckily the doctor let us find out what we are having! Drew's wish came true! It's a boy! Parker (no decided middle name) Solomon!

look at him getting so big! 5 inches now

this is kind of a scary picture. Dr. Beck said this is his halloween picture. ha! atleast he'll have my big eyes!

here's the proof. You're lookin at his bum. his legs are on either side with his 'goods' in the middle. hahaha, man, he'll hate me one day for posting that.

Either way, super pumped! as I said at the beginning, no middle name is decided on. But ya know, what's your opinion?

-Parker Aiden-
-Parker James-
-Parker Layne-
-Parker Cole-

I won't tell you which ones I like, just know, Drew does NOT like all of these. So just curious, which do you like the best.


Well, this is my last cookie jar lid from my christmas present last year. I like getting monthly packages from my mom. Welp, heres to Thanskgiving.

November 16, 2010

today could be the day...

That starts deciding our future. Well, thats how I see it anyway.

Today my dad has his second interview in Kentucky for a job. Why this will have an effect on us is that fact that if he gets the job, I'm sold on going to University of Louisville for dental school. Honestly, that's my number one pick either way because that would put me closer to my family. BUUTT, if he gets the job (and Drew gets accepted) we'll be TWO HOURS! from my parents. Um, can you say totally do-able! Two hours would be nothing for me compared to what were currently at of an all day flight or 3 day drive. So, two hours is awesome!

To also add to the closeness of family would be my two sisters 4 hours from us. They would live two hours from my parents on the other side. So, kinda perfect location for the parents being right in the middle. And that would even be closer to them then they are now. They are currently 3+ hours from eachother.

Then to the north my brother and his family would be 5 hours from us! again, totally do-able! Yeah, I could see everyone atleast once a month!! Might not seem like tons still, but we're currently at like once a year if that! I have seen my mom a little more this year only because my cousin got married in Sept and Drew graduates ASU in Dec so her, my dad, and sisters will be coming out. and I'll see her atleast twice next year in May- when the baby is due, and in Dec because its their year to have us for christmas!

But hopefully it'll be alot more inbetween because we'll be moving in that time too... hopefully to Kentucky and be so close!

I have admitted to a few people that if we dont go to Kentucky for school, especially if my parents move there, I'm not gunna make Drew's 4 years of dental school very fun. Horrible of me? Yeah, probably. But this might be my last chance to live by my family.

so again.... today could be the start of deciding our future. Send your prayers Davey's way (thats my dad, p.s.)

November 01, 2010

Goodbye October

so I was a little delayed on posting my October cookie jar lid but there ya go. My only halloween decor. I just couldnt pull myself to go buy decorations for this holiday. One I did not participate in at all. I hung a sign on the door Saturday and Sunday saying " No candy tonight, sorry" and went to bed. Yeah, I'm a party pooper. But when you have a little dog who loves little kids and running away, it was just asking for trouble to actually pass out candy. So I passed.

Some recent happenings pregnancy wise, I did throw up for the first time last week. Seems weird to me since I was 12 weeks along before it happened. My family all thought it was a fluke since Ihadn't been sick at all. Well, today confirmed that all it was. Drew woke up with a lil funny feeling. Same one I had the day I got sick. Seems like its just been going around our house but with almost a week in between each of us. Drew's bro started it all almost two weeks ago. About five days later, it hit me. About the same amount of time passed and it hit drew. that poor thing. But we are relieved to know I didnt not get sick because of the pregnancy.

My next appointment is in 3 weeks, Nov 22nd. I'll be 16 weeks and hoping we might be able to figure out what we're having! I'm okay either way because I do want multiples of each at some point. Its more just that I was to be a name to this growing belly. So.. fingers crossed!

Upcoming events in November:
Dental school interviews in Colorado and Oklahoma!

October 19, 2010

Coming to a couple near you..

May 8, 2011!

That's right, we're having a baby! We're pumped! I've been dying to just announce it to everyone but have been waiting until after my first prenatal appointment. Well, that was today! Everything is going great! I heard the heart beat and saw some little feet kickin. I thought I was 10 weeks but according to the ultrasound and the doctor, we're ahead of schedule! the little one is 4.4 cms so the doctor estimates the due date of May 8. Going into the appointment I was thinking it would be May 15. Hey, I'll take earlier for sure!

Here's some pictures of our little booger.

showing some muscles! (left arm, elbow, and hand)

a side shot of my big head baby ;)

during the foot kicking. notice the foot stickin up on the left side.

October 08, 2010

BoOmEr SoOnEr!

Drew received another dental school invite yesterday. Yep, you guessed it.... OU!We kind of have mixed emotions about OU... We used to be super pumped about it before the whole interview process started. But now that it has.. we dont really see ourselves there. But hey, we'd be happy to go there too. It just depends on other things.
But either way... BOOMER SOONER!
OU- November 12th

September 17, 2010

5 & 6

First off, Drew was disappointed with me for not putting the logo of AT Still up. so there you go!
AT Still interview Sept 23rd

And now for the latest invites! He got one for Louisville this last Wednesday, I think it was.
Louisville interview is October 22nd

Then on Thursday he got an interview invite to Colorado! His friend Ben also received an invite there so they are gunna travel together.

Colorado interview will be November 2nd.

I'm just so proud of Drew! Good thing I married a smart one ;)

September 14, 2010

Case interview and #4

So Sept 3rd Drew had his Case Western interview in Cleveland, Ohio. It went great. Everyone was super chill and nice. He loved it! He loved everything, the school, the people, the staff, the city. Everything! He met a couple people from Mesa which was kinda cool, we know know a lot of the same people as them. One thing I think is cool is that like every other student is LDS. So that could be fun.

I dont know, I still think Ohio is where we'll end up. but we'll see.

Drew also recently received an interview invite to AT Still! He has the interview next week the 23rd. Um, no comment on that, but we'll see how it goes.

Either way, we're excited again that life is finally picking up and we're getting that much closer to our long term goals.

Birthday overview

So about two weeks on Thursday the 2nd was my 23rd birthday. The week for me started off that Monday when I received a package from my family!

These are my goodies from that! My cookie jar lid, money, swedish fish, peanut butter m&ms, sandals and earrings from paige, heart shaped ice tray, egg slicer, colorful bag clips, gum... and i think thats it??

A day later I got a package from my brothers family. They sent a super sweet watch made of safety pins and a cool book to fill with family history as we prepare to start our own family.

Tuesday we went Oreganos with Drew's family.

On the morning of my birthday I took Drew to the airport for his dental school interview in Cleveland. Once I got back and started getting ready I found this little bugger on my bed!
I was nice to it, I drowned it. haha.

after dealing with that I treated myself to a pedicure and some shopping. I think I might have even cleaned the house. And just chilled out a little bit. Then my dear friends Kelly and Bobbie invited me out to dinner with them to Chili's.

Overall, it was an alright birthday, besides the fact that my husband wasnt here.

Cookie Jar Lid update

I've been a little behind on blogging lately. Especially with my Deb-made cookie jar lids. Here are the most recent:

^July ^

^August^ (we brake for cookies)
September^ (Friends and Cookies make life bearable)

August 27, 2010

Our future

could start next week! Drew has his first dental school interview a week from today (Sept 3rd) in Cleveland, Ohio at Case Western! I can't believe that we are finally at this stage in life. I swear it seemed like we would never reach it! And I kinda have a feeling this might be it. We're gunna end up in Ohio. Which wouldn't be horrible, my brother and his family would only be 2-3 hours away. So that could be super fun since we only see them once a year if that. We'll see.

I'm still a little sad I'll be spending my birthday alone... but maybe someone has some ideas or activities for that day or someone who would want to spend it with me...;) please please please.

I won't lie though, I'm totally one of those girls who feels entitled on my birthday. I've never worked on my birthday (and sure dont plan to start this year). To me, it's just a day to relax and get pampered! LOVE IT! I've already gotten two presents from my lovey. The 3rd book of the Hunger Games- Mockingjay. He also surprised me with a new laptop battery and charger. Might seem like a silly gift but my battery was short and it would only last like 3 minutes without being pulled in and my charger just died too. So I was excited to finally have both!

Welp, I'll keep you posted on school and life and all our what-nots.

August 17, 2010

Sick of this yet?

WE GOT ANOTHER ONE!! Drew received another interview invite! This one is a little closer too!

October 1st is the interview date Drew set up. He will be flying to this one, but It would only save us $50 bucks to drive so, might as well fly. that way he doesnt have to take as much work off!
So something about UNLV we're not super pumped about is they recently spiked! tuition for out of state. I think it's over $200,000 now! Yeah, holy smokes!
Well, we're just super excited to be at this stage in life, FINALLY! We're very thankful for Drew's smarts and being able to give us options with our future!

August 11, 2010

Number 2 goes to..

Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine! This last week we got another one!! We're kinda excited, can ya tell?! So this interview is set up for Sept 28th (earliest date available)
Nice to not have to shell out tons of money for this interview. Just the price of gas since it's only like an hour away from us.
Wow, it just still amazes me how life is finally starting to get going for us. It's only gunna get faster, so hold on tight!

August 05, 2010

And the first interview goes to....

Yay!! Drew received his first interview invite two weeks ago to Case Western. For those of you who don't know... it's in Cleveland...OHIO! Mixed emotions on the location but super pumped for the interview! Just so you have an idea of the stats for this place, last entering class had almost 3,000 applicants! They only interviewed 125. And only except 61 of those for out of state seats!

So basically, Drew is starting off huge! Not to mention he as an AMAZING!! contact there. So good that this contact will be picking Drew up the morning of the interview from his Hotel, taking him to the interview, Interviewing him, and taking him to the airport after.

I don't know about you, but I don't know too many people who get rides to and from an interview by the person DOING the interview!

Needless to say, Case would be luck to have him! We'll keep you posted!

P.S. I forgot to mention something, Drew will be flying out Sept 2nd (my birthday) to go to his interview on the 3rd. Cleveland, you better be worth my husband missing my birthday!

July 16, 2010

Tennessee, the house, and clint

So things have sure picked up! We went to Tennessee last week. Tons of fun!! the first night we went about 30+ miles away for a firework show. Seems kind of far but it was the closest place celebrating on the actual 4th, silly southern baptist.

The next day we went to Memphis. We went to Graceland (Elvis's home) checked out Beale Street and ate at BB King's BBQ, which was really good BBQ, btw. We also went to the Gibson Museum. We didn't get to tour it because we didnt have enough time. We had a schedule to be at the Peabody Hotel for a duck show. haha! silly I know. But this really yuppy hotel has these ducks that ride the elevator down stairs from their suite on the top floor, walk a red carpet, and hang out in a fountain all day. We caught the end where they climb out, walk the red carpet and head up to their rooms. Silly silly stuff. Maybe one day I'll be a duck master.

The next day, my parents anniversary, we set up a 100+ ft slip and slide out front of my parents house. It was awesome! We soaped it up, had a sprinkler going and headed down on a raft. I busted it pretty good before we got the raft out. I ended up getting whiplash on my side. Yeah, I'm smooth.
Wednesday I went with my mom into Jackson and we went looking for beads. A couple weeks ago when all the family was there, they made watches. Out in Utah/ Idaho these big beaded chunky watches are super popular so we wanted to try it out. I picked my beads and quickly created mine. I'll have to take a picture to show you. I think it turned out well. and it was super easy to make!

thursday we left early for Nashville and did a little touring. The night before we watched Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The lightning Thief. In part of the movie they go see the Parthenon in Nashville, so we did too. It was pretty cool. Then we had a very very long day of flying. Nashville to Atlanta to Phoenix.While we were in Tennessee we learned how to make homemade bread and cinnamon rolls. And I'm not talkin about using a bread maker or bosch, we're talkin all by hand, homemade. It was great! Now I just need to practice to see if I can do it on my own.

Right when we got home, I started packin up for the new house. For those of you who don't know, we are only renting a house, didnt buy. Its just around the corner and up the street from our old Apartment. It's pretty sweet. 2 bedrooms 2 bath and a den (office/music room). It comes with a full sized washer and dryer too! We love it here! I'll have to take some pictures. But luckily were were about to get everything over and unpacked in 2 days. I work fast what can I say. Plus, I had a time frame. Clint, Drew's brother, was getting home from his mission moving in with us. I just wanted to have the house all situated for him.But speaking of clint, he got home the 15th from his mission. Its so crazy! It seems like he just left and at the same time feels like he never left. He's a super cool kid. We'll have tons of fun! I just hope Drew doesnt ignore me too much.
Um, that's pretty much everything right now. Oh, Drew treated himself to a phone upgrade for his amazing job he did on his DAT. He just got a Droid X from Verizon. That and clint will be the end of our marriage. haha not really, but I'm sure it will make me left out. And speaking of Dental School, things are still going well. Initail applications are done to 14 schools. We are just finishing up the secondarys and soon it'll be September and hopefully tons of interviews!!

Welp, this is a huge post! Just wanted to keep you up to date! Happy Hot summer!

July 03, 2010

22 is how we do!

I'm a little behind. Drew took his test a week ago yesterday. and scores are in!! He rocked a 22! For those of you who dont really know and are wondering 22 out of what, its out of 30. BUT! before you think its not that good, he's in the 96 percentile which is AMAZING! We're so proud!

Heres a list of some things we've done so far to celebrate:
  • Dinner and pizzookie at Oreganos
  • Birthday dinner for friend at Red Robin
  • Lake trip!
  • Toy story 3
  • lots and lots of swimmming
  • Tosh.O
  • ... probably a lot more than i can remember

Upcoming celebrations:

  • Tennessee tomorrow!
  • fireworks
  • moving into our house
  • Clint comes home!
  • Thrice concert (and tons more in july)

Needless to say, we're pumped Summer is here finally for us! I'll post pictures once we get back from Tennessee!

Happy 4th!

June 21, 2010


Thats right, the week has arrived. Drew takes the 'big one' Friday @ noon. I cant believe its been 6 weeks already. Luckily for both of us it went super fast! We're soooo ready for this test to be over! But don't worry, Drew will do amazing! But sending those positive vibes wouldn't hurt ;)

We're gunna celebrate this ordeal finally being over, where else but at Oreganos! Come party too, I'm not sure which location or what the exact time will be, but get at me as that day comes closer.

AND!! Our lovely friends will be providing us with a lake trip next Tuesday. Thats right, a full day of Drew not studying or working. Oh it will be glorious! (but I'm not inviting you to this. sorry. its not my place to invite people, since we were the ones invited in the first place. sorry)

AND!!!! We're going to Tennessee! 4th of July here we come. I havent seen fireworks since summer of '07 when I lived in Utah. Its been even longer for Drew since his last time was on his mission in the midwest. We're super excited. We'll be spending most of our time here (see below) at what I like to call the Rasmussen Plantation. Comes equiped with a large pond in front with a deck on 18 acres. And of course, amazing home cooking from non other than Deb. Oh man I'm so excited!

But the party wont stop once we get back. Nope, it'll be Drews 24th Birthday that week and the following week Clint comes home! Wahoo!!

Yay for summer finally finding the Solomons!

June 18, 2010

Maybe one day..

..I'll have a two sided friendship. I love how once I stop putting forth effort in a friendship it just dies, like it never existed. I guess thats just how it rolls in my family. Until then, I have the two best guys by my side.Karabi, of course

and my lastest, Wentworth Miller aka Michael Scofield of Prison Break.

Yep, thats right. Thats all the interaction I get ladies and gentlemen. Drew is still bascially out of the picture for another week until he takes his test. Until then.... I'm enjoying the company I do have ;)

June 05, 2010

106 and rising

So welcome to Arizona. The mercy of cooler weather is officially over. Well, it actually ended like a week ago. There are no more chances of crazy freak cold fronts from Utah. Not for a couple of months atleast.

One way to beat the heat, lay in a pool on a raft and watch TV of course!! Oh the life I live... (for a short time) I've been house/ dog sitting for a friend of a friend. Its a pretty sweet hookup and its all mine..until Wednesday. And I must say, the pay aint too shabby either ;) Man I'm spoiled with this extra curricular activity.

Drew has officially applied to Dental School. One if these could be a possible future:

Midwestern -Arizona
ASDOH (A.T. Still) - Arizona
OU- Oklahoma
Louisville - Kentucky
Case Western - Ohio
University of Colorado - Colorado
OHSU- Oregon
UoP- California
UNLV- Nevada
VCU- Virginia
UK- Kentucky

(yes, i did edit this list. I forgot some. and this is not in the order or preference either btw. AND! Drew told me he has not 'officially' applied. he's still working on the application.)

June 02, 2010

June brings me....

....Cornelius the Cow! Isnt he a cutie?! So other June happenings include Drew applying for Dental school.... TOMORROW!! CRAZY! Also, Davey (my dad) has a job interview in Idaho tomorrow. Keep those good vibes headed our way!

Things have been pretty crazy at work. We were running a special and it got insane! like.. 18 i think last week. Which probably doesnt seem like that many to you guys but when the weeks before I averaged like 3-5 for the week, 18 is tonS!! But you can image how great my paycheck was ;)

Welp, thats about it in our lives right now. Oh yeah, D-Day is June 25th. send good vibes for that too! thanks!!

May 21, 2010

2 years down, eternity to go

So I'm a little late on this post but our 2 year anniversary was May 16. Since it fell on a Sunday we went out on Saturday. To be honest, I didnt expect much was gunna happen. Drew isnt very creative when it comes to doin stuff like this. ha! but I guess lucky for me and him my good cousin Kelly was available to help out. haha. she gave him some ideas. she even picked up part of it.

dozen long stem roses and a gift certificate to get a pedicure!

drew doesnt really want anything but a wallet. hah. i guess this isnt really a good pic of it.

then we headed down to the metro station to hop on the lightrail and go to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Phoenix

we had this cute little table in the corner. had some really good food! then we came back to mesa and went to Oreganos for a pizzookie. I forgot to get a picture of that, the service wasnt very good so I was distracted.

all in all, it was a good night. here's to an eternity together, can't wait!

May 04, 2010

Amazing Inspiration

I dont know if you guys have seen this yet, but a friend of mine posted it on her facebook. Its about Stephanie Nielson.
She is an amazing person and is so strong. What an example.

April 28, 2010

Meet Freddie

Some of you might remember my mom's cookie jar. Sounds weird, but my mom had a cookie jar with custom, homemade cookie jar lids. She had, I'd say, atleast 20. So this last year I decided that would be a cool thing to start in our little family. so when I went to Tennessee for Christmas I asked my mom if she would help me paint one. There wasnt really time over the break but she decided to be clever with a present. She gave me package envelopes as a gift. ha! she had 11 of them. One for every month. (she did give me a lid for christmas) She let me pick out which lid I wanted to represent each month and told me she would paint it and send it to me! Super cool right! Her and my dad kind of tag team the preject. My dad cuts out the wood and my mom paints it. Here are the ones I've gotten so far.



May:Meet Freddie the Frog^^

Isnt Deb just too crafty!! Be jealous! My mom is cooler than yours! ;)
I'll keep you up to date with the lids in the upcoming months.

March 31, 2010

Homemade Strawberry Jam

So for those of you who know my mom, you've definitely have had her amazing strawberry jam! Well lately me and drew have been pretty trunky for it. So after finding the Superstition Ranch Market and the awesome deals on strawberries, I decided I would attempt making the jam.
All you need is strawberries, lots of sugar, and sure jell (you can get it at most grocery stores)

I used sure jell premium fruit pectin. They have other brands of versions of this sure jell, I got the one with the no sugar or less sugar recipes inside. I didnt use those recipes because I love me some sugar. haha. the fold out had all the recipes on it. I used the easy freezer one.
this is my bowl of rinsed strawberries. as you can see I took the tops of too.

then you have to mash them up one cup at a time. I only did one batch to start with so thats 4 cups of strawberries. I just used a potato masher. Next you just follow the recipe on the fold out paper and put it into containers to set up

These are just little reuseable containers I got at the dollar tree for, of course, a dollar! And a good thing about this jam is that you can freeze it up to a year and it tastes so darn good! I did end up making another batch today because we just have so many strawberries left. I'll probably make more to be honest, might as well with strawberries being so cheap right now.
I hope you'll try to make it sometime. It's really good, easy to make, and ends up being way cheaper than buying jam (that is if you find good priced strawberries)