December 22, 2011

Army Crawl

So Parker is a crawler now! it's crazy! Its mostly an army crawl but he can get on his hands and knees.

December 19, 2011

7 months

baby boy is 7 months! I don't know how that is possible!! We happened to go to the doctor the week he turned 7 months and he weighs 19 pounds 13 ounces, so he gained a pound this last month. Parker is very mobile now! He is starting to crawl, mostly army crawl but he can get up on his hands and knees. He's trying to push himself up into a seated position and will probably have that down before crawling on his hands and knees. He's just such a happy little guy!

He's been upgraded to sitting in a shopping cart! He loved it!

December 06, 2011

End of November

I'm starting to slack again!! One day I'll be a good blogger.
Like I said a couple posts ago, we went to my sisters wedding in Nashville. They had this really cool photo booth. Here are some pictures of me and my lil sis paige. Note how that fake nose could totally pass as my own!

We left after the reception and made the 3.5 hour drive back to Louisville. Can I just say Parker was perfect the whole day! Didn't cry or fuss. He even took a nap on the husband of my mom's friend! he was great!!

The next week was thanksgiving and we headed down to my parents house the Tuesday night before. My brother and his family came in for the wedding from Ohio and were luckily enough to be able to stay for thanksgiving! again, someone had pictures of thanksgiving, but I don't. At one point over break, not sure when my mind is mush, we went bowling. I did horrible, but thats nothing new. It's so weird out here that places aren't smoke free. No one was at the bowling alley but us and the guy working. I'm pretty sure he smoked the entire time- INSIDE!!! yeah, gross!

This is what happens when Parker is at grandmas. hahah! I think this picture is too funny. He just gets so exhausted!

It was a great holiday and ended way too soon! But we will be back down there in a week and a half for christmas then off to Arizona!

November 28, 2011

Black eye update

Here's Parker's eye a couple days after it happened. I only would remember to take a picture after he was asleep. but you couldnt tell as good when he was awake. This is the day after the really good coloring on his eye

November 22, 2011

Black eyed P

so yesterday Parker got his first injury. ready for this.... he fell off our bed! You have no idea how horrible I feel! He usually takes a nap on our bed cause he likes me to lay down with him as he falls asleep. He took his nap like normal. I was in our bathroom and heard his stirring but thought hed be okay for a minute while I finished up, less than two seconds later...THUD! followed by crying of course. (washed my hands) then went to check on him and he was flat on his back, which didnt make sense to me how he could of fallen and landed that way because of how he was facing. So of course I picked him up and held him and he cried for a few minutes. Then he was great! I called my brother (ER doc) to see what signs I should watch for the something was wrong. He told me he should be okay but to watch for stuff out of the norm. Well as the night progressed, we figured out what part hit the ground first. He had a red spot on his forehead and around his left eye was starting to swell. He has a little bit of bruising but is completely okay. I'll post more pictures if it gets worse.

November 21, 2011

Shai's wedding

This last weekend we headed down to Nashville for my older sister, Shai's wedding. We went down on Friday and stayed in a hotel in Franklin. That night, the girls went out to eat and saw breaking dawn in honor of Shai. The next day was the BIG day! We went to the Nashville temple in the morning, checked out of the hotel, then drove an hour to Clarksville for the reception. We had a family luncheon and decorated the reception hall. It was a super creative wedding! We had a lot of fun with lots of yummy food!

Parker playin in the tub at the hotel

Shai and Tyler exchanging their vows

Drew, Parker and I at the reception

Drew and Parker in their matching ties

November 15, 2011

Music Sunday

Sunday morning Drew pulled out the guitar for fun. Parker was sooo entertained by it that drew let him try it out. You probably cant tell but he was smiling real big when he got to play it. He loved that sound came from touching the strings. Oh and don't worry, the head phones weren't hooked up to anything, we just wanted to see how he'd like them.


This last saturday we broke out the croquet set to enjoy one of the last warmer days of the year. Some dental school friends came to play too!

waiting on the gang to arrive

drew workin on his mad skills

little Parker fell asleep during the second game

the players (minus Chelsea)

Louisville Zoo

Last week Parker and I went to the zoo with our friends Brigetta and Charlie Love. I felt like a little kid again! I seriously havent been to the zoo since I lived in Oklahoma, so atleast 6 years ago! But I loved it! We got to see some super cool animals and even got to watch the tiger being trained!

6 months!

Parker turned 6 months yesterday! I can't even believe it!! He's so great, lets be serious! Here are his stats for 6 months. 18 pounds 13 ounces. 27 inches long. head is 17 inches. I checked percentiles on these stats and he's completely average (50-75%) his head on the other hand is only in the 20%, which seems crazy to me cause it seems large! oh well, we sure do LOVE this little guy!

November 03, 2011

Grandma Deb

My parents came to visit us for a couple days. My dad's headquarters are in Louisville and had to come up for some meetings. Which we are always okay with since we get to see them. Parker loves his grandma Deb! Grandpa too of course. I need to video them together, its too cute.

October 29, 2011

The plus side of big thighs

So we've been practicing for awhile now on Parker sitting up. I would sit behind him with my legs on either side in case he fell over. On Sunday he was sitting at church for a long time (couple minutes) just focused on his want-to-be girlfriend Paisley. So I started sitting a little future back and let him do it on his own. This is the first time I was able to get pictures of him doing so good. (he'd always tumble over when I tried before) I'm just so proud of him!

looks just like daddy in this one!


A couple weeks ago my parents came up for a temple day. They came up early so Drew and I could go to the temple then when we got out they went to a session. Because my parents spoil us everytime they come up, we went out to eat. This time we went to Outback Steakhouse. My alice springs chicken was amazing of course. We got a dessert which wasnt very good though. It did have a lot of whipped cream on top that my mom thought was a good idea to give to Parker. Well, needless to say, he LOVED it!

It must taste better

This morning after waking up Parker decided he wanted to enjoy his pacifier in a new way. ha! I think it's too funny. He's done it before but usually only for a little bit. He was just laying on the floor for awhile with his pacifier like this.

October 28, 2011

Parker squills

So after Parker woke up from his nap today he just started making this super high pitched squills! they were hilarious! Luckily I was able to catch a few of them on camera. It's all him I promise, even though it doesn't look like he's even moving his mouth.

October 27, 2011

just like removing a band-aide..??

So as you can tell I'm a failure at blogging! I mean seriously! I do however update pictures of facebook, mostly of parker. But thats all that is really important right?

So lets make a quick list of lastest in the Solomon household so it will be easier to more regularly blog. (its hard to hit on day to day when things have happened that I havent shared yet)

back tracking: the end of april/ early may drew was diagnosed with a neurological condition, cervical distonia (his neck pulls to one side on its own). his treatment is botox injections every 3 months in his neck and daily medication. It has been a hard trial for all of us, and limits have been tested, but we are getting through. We are working together and trying to stay positive. Last months treatment was alot better than the first so we're hoping they will continue to get better. Through this we are really seeing what is most important in life and putting our priorities in line accordingly.

Drew started dental school at U of L
Drews 25th birthday: we had his carpool buddies/wives come over for cake and ice-cream
Parker turned 2 months old: 13 lbs 10 oz, 23.5 in. He started sleeping in his own crib. Had 3 shots, only cried from his leg being pinned down.

Parker rolled over for the first time.
Drew had his white coat ceremony, his mom and my parents came for it.
I had my gallbladder removed and was in the hospital for 3 days (helped me lose 5 lbs)

My 24th birthday!: I went with my parents and parker to Ohio to see my brother and his family (one week post-op)
Parker turned 4 months: 17 lbs 0 oz, 25 in. He started on rice cereal and loves it! he had more shots, didnt cry. Had his first fever as a reaction to the shots. He went to his first birthday party for his friends, Lydia and Carson Christensen. Parker discovered Karabi and loves/laughs at him.
I got within 5 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight (lost 50 pounds)

Parker is 5 months and weighs close to 20 pounds! He can sit up by himself for minutes at a time.
We went to my parents house for fall break

So thats all I can really think of. Other little stuff has happened like, weekly dental school girls nights, crafts, making lots of ginger snaps, walks, school/drilling for drew, visit to/from my parents, temple trip and probably other things I cant think of. Parker is a great baby and is VERY active and moves all the time!

please refer to my facebook for pictures of Parker up to this point. I'll try and do more regular (possibly daily) posts. Mostly of little things parker/the family are doing!

July 14, 2011

Come look how cute I am!

So basically I'm a failure as a picture taking/ blogging mother. seriously, I'm horrible. I havent been keeping track of anything! I make mental notes but if you know me and my memories, they kind of go missing. so I'll try and recap some stuff.

Well first off, we moved to Louisville, Kentucky for all of you who weren't paying attention. Me and Parker came out about 10 days before Drew with my parents and rocked it at their house until he g0t here. Lets start there.

This is Parker the morning we left Arizona. Drew said its his 'Let's
go to Kentucky!" face

yep, thats right, Parker slept the ENTIRE flight! all 3 and a half hours!

we stopped at auntie Paige's so she could meet parker. he seriously looks tiny in his carseat here.

just chillin at grandma's

"I don't think so mama"

deep thinker while he sleeps

our happy boy!

PArker has recently discovered his tongue. haha! he likes to stick it out all the time and try and lick you. I was kissing his cheeks one day trying to get him to smile and he tried to french me. haha. it was too funny. Oh, and he's more socially smiling now. he's quite the talker too.

oh! and he's 2 months old today!!

May 24, 2011


Parker Drew Solomon
Born May 14, 2011 @ 1:39pm
8 lbs, 0 oz
21 1/4 in.

So being how Parker will be 2 weeks old tomorrow, I figured I should finally post about his birth! I honestly don't know where to begin.

It was about 12:50 am Saturday the 14th, Karabi woke me up like he usually does to go outside. I get up and notice I was a little more "moist" than usual (sorry if TMI) I went to the restroom, didn't even have a chance to think about pee'ing before it just gushed. Didn't think too much of it, maybe I just really had to pee. So I take Karabi outside, all it good. Come back in, bend down to unhook his leash, more fluids. So I go to the restroom again. Lets just say it kept happening off and on for the next hour. I got online, found the number of the hospital (by this time thinking I could have broken my water) and called. For some reason I couldn't get through to anyone! I did some research online. Figured it could have been my water that broke but still not completely convinced. Drew is still sleeping through all of this. I didn't want to wake him up for nothing. I even considered driving down to the hospital to get checked by myself so I wouldn't have to bug him. I'm tellin ya, I was no convinced my water had broken. So I repacked my hospital bag just in case. The water situation kept happening. About an hour and a half of this going on I decided to wake Drew. I went in and told him I think we need to go get checked out. He wakes and I kinda tell him I think my water broke but wasn't sure. He calls his mom for me (she's a labor and delivery nurse) we come to the conclusion it probably has broken but I should go in to get checked either way. Then Drew went a little crazy. I was completely calm, in no rush. He asked me what had happened and like mid sentence, he turns, says "I need to pack a bag" and walked off. haha. I think he was still a little out of it. And of course, we had to stop for gas on the way. again, I'm not stressing. I'm not in pain or anything, just feeling awkward cause I'm leaking fluids!

So we get to the hospital. luckily I pre-registered so they just had to double check a few things. Put in a room in triage and they give me a gown to change into and get checked out. Well, lets just say I made a couple messes on the floor in the process. Totally embarrassed. Anyway they have to do a test to see if the bags of water have really broken. She does the test and then checks to see how far along I am. I'm still at 1.5ish cm. and really gushing fluids now. haha. Embarrassed again. Luckily the test agreed with the verdict that my water broke. then my IV was put in and I was moved into the Labor & Delivery room. We had a super nice nurse. I feel horrible cause I can't remember her name. She got me started on pitocin and my antibiotics for my GBS. It was about 4 am by this time. haha, I guess I was having contractions and had been the whole time I was at the hospital but couldn't feel a thing.

Shift change for the nurses happened and in walks Kate. Love her! I wasn't sure I was going to at first cause she was a little rough checking me. I think I was at maybe a 2 by then?? Drew and I were just hanging out.

I was checked again and I was at a 4. Pretty good progression being how it had only been like an hour and I jumped from a 2 to a 4. I was starting to feel the contractions a little bit but nothing too crazy. Just felt like internal pressure on my pubic bone. no big. I could do it. once it got a little bit later in the morning, maybe 7ish, Drew called my mom to update her. She got showered and headed down to the hospital. I think it was right before my mom got there the contractions started coming stronger and closer together. and worst of all in my back! I could not handle those!! I went through a couple rounds of contractions and told Kate I think I needed a visit from the "drug man" soon. No joke, like 5 minutes later he was in there and prepping me for my epidural. Drew couldn't handle seeing a huge needle going into my back (I dont blame him) and went for a breakfast burrito. So they got me all set up and I was shaking like crazy! I don't know if I was cold or nervous or what. Kate said it was just all the pregnancy hormones, who knows. So the 'drug man' walked me through the epidural as he was doing it. It definitely felt weird. Only one point kind of stung, but for like 2 seconds. It started working instantly. He hung around to make sure it was working for a few minutes, I thanked him for not paralyzing me and he was on his way.

I was worried an epidural would slow things down. Nope, they just kept progressing! At some point Dr. Beck came in and checked on me. Made sure everything was okay. He gave a guess of delivery around 3ish with how I was progressing but said it could be way later since this was my first delivery. Kate got me started with the peanut ball. Awesome invention! I was rolled on my side and the thing was put inbetween my knees. I guess its supposed to help put your pelvis in the right position for the baby to travel. That was my biggest problem. I was dilating by my cervix was just too far back. So every hour I would roll over and get the ball repositioned. I slept during this time a little bit. haha Drew always tells people I slept during labor. After about 3 hours, I was at a 10 and ready to go! This was about 1 pm. I did a couple of round of pushing (3 pushes per contraction) and he was just comin along. Kate was awesome during this too! she was a great coach. Very encouraging. Drew did awesome too feeding me ice. haha. I don't even remember what was on TV but that was keeping my mind off what was going on. Kate had me skip a couple of contractions just to give Dr. Beck time to get there. Once he got there he just sat back against the wall for about 3 contractions then I did one last push and hello Parker! So, 39 minutes of pushing, not too shabby for my first!

I was so convinced I didn't want a messes, gooey baby put on my chest, but Dr. Beck was a pro and cleaned him off real good before they gave him to me. THANK GOODNESS!! We did some chest to chest time before they took him to get all cleaned up. He was such a good baby! He has the best temperament. Totally chill. While drew and I were admiring our little man, I got all stitched up. I had a little tear. I wouldn't of known if I didnt see the string. I don;t know why people would ever give birth without an epidural!

Parker scored a 9 and 9 for his apgar score. How could he not, he's perfect!

Parker with daddy

After he got all cleaned up we were just able to spend some time with Parker before people came to see him. My mom was the first since she was already at the hospital. oh he's so loved! Kate helped clean me up and get me ready to move into post postpartum.

one day old, our first family picture

We stayed an extra day in the hospital so they could watch parker since I was positive with GBS. which was no big. The morning we left the hospital (Monday, the 16th) little Parker got circumcised. He was a pro! Not fussy after or anything. Luckily, we weren't even given the option of going for the surgery. But he healed perfectly! A couple hours later... it was time to go.

Parker in his carseat ready to go home. He didn't cry at all in his carseat.

Parker has been great at home! He's a pro pooper! haha. He loves to be cuddly and makes the cutest little faces. Here are some pictures since he's been home.

zoning out after eating

one morning I gave him a mohawk and Deb just happened to catch this face on camera. blue steel anyone?

parker is just too cute when he sleeps, open mouth and all.

we broke the rules and let parker sleep with us. aren't my boys so cute?

Karabi the protector dog looking over Parker

I love that he sleeps with his mouth open

he's just sooo dreamy!

All in all, I pretty much had a perfect pregnancy with no sickness and no pain. A perfect delivery with no complications for me or Parker. A perfect baby who doesn't cry excessively, sleeps long hours, and is just so darn cute and cuddly!

sorry for the massive post, I guess I should just update more often