March 31, 2010

Homemade Strawberry Jam

So for those of you who know my mom, you've definitely have had her amazing strawberry jam! Well lately me and drew have been pretty trunky for it. So after finding the Superstition Ranch Market and the awesome deals on strawberries, I decided I would attempt making the jam.
All you need is strawberries, lots of sugar, and sure jell (you can get it at most grocery stores)

I used sure jell premium fruit pectin. They have other brands of versions of this sure jell, I got the one with the no sugar or less sugar recipes inside. I didnt use those recipes because I love me some sugar. haha. the fold out had all the recipes on it. I used the easy freezer one.
this is my bowl of rinsed strawberries. as you can see I took the tops of too.

then you have to mash them up one cup at a time. I only did one batch to start with so thats 4 cups of strawberries. I just used a potato masher. Next you just follow the recipe on the fold out paper and put it into containers to set up

These are just little reuseable containers I got at the dollar tree for, of course, a dollar! And a good thing about this jam is that you can freeze it up to a year and it tastes so darn good! I did end up making another batch today because we just have so many strawberries left. I'll probably make more to be honest, might as well with strawberries being so cheap right now.
I hope you'll try to make it sometime. It's really good, easy to make, and ends up being way cheaper than buying jam (that is if you find good priced strawberries)

Solomon Latest

So a couple of weeks ago I finally worked on a project I've been talking about to Drew for months! We had this dresser of Drews from before the marriage, it wasnt in the best condition, you know how boys are. I wish I would have thought to take a before picture.. but I didnt. Before it was a lighter brown wood but covered with this fake wood stuff,I dont know what its called, and goldish colored handles. But... after some primer and a couple coats of black pant and some silver spray pant, this is the finished product!

luckily the picture is small enough you cant see the "character" this dresser still has. But its a HUGE!! improvement from before. Just take my word for it, okay?

Another thing that has been going on is we finally got a bed upgrade!! Before we were on a full, which I had since I was 16ish and living at home. Refer to this post It was very cosy to put it nicely. haha, it just wasnt working for me anymore. So after hearing a sleep america ad while I was at work one day, I mentioned it to drew so we went down to look. Well, we walked away with a very very very!! comfortable queen sized bed! Love it! I sleep sooo good!

Karabi really likes it. It looks pretty plain right now yes, but still a work in progress. As you can see no head board. We have a couple ideas for cool head boards. Either out of soda cans or books. Just trust me, it'll look good. So.. pictures to come once we get it done.

other than that, Drew is still a slave to ASU and Express Scripts but...This semester is almost done!! Then only one semester left for Drew! YAY!! Then... only 7 more years of school.

Upcoming Events:
May-Drew finishes this semester
June- Drew takes the DAT (hopefully get pregnant this month)
July- Drews 24th bday, Clint gets home from mission, probably visit my parents, apply to dental school
August-Drew starts his last semester of ASU!
September- My 23rd birthday, hopefully some interviews for Dental School
October-hopefully Dental school interviews
November- hopefully Dental school interviews
December- hopefully being accepted to Dental school, my parents and sister come to Arizona for reunion!

So as you can see... things are about to get real exciting!! yay for life gettin' to gettin'. yes, I know that sounds totally country. ;)

March 25, 2010

Attention East Valley

Everyone in Mesa and surround areas there is a place you need to check out if you havent already... Superstition Ranch Market. It is AWESOME!! My cousin's husband told us about it. and since I had some friends coming in to town, I thought maybe muffins and fruits for breakfast. Well my lovely husband drew reminded me of this place so I hit it up. Beware though, tons! of Snowbirds! But super sweet deals.

Deal of the day for me: 2 for $1 strawberries!!!

and everything is Delicious!! I got bananas, apples, grapes, oranges, strawberries, lettuce, cilantro and tons of each for $17. it would have been tons cheaper but I got some more expensive apples and alot of grapes! either way... good stuff!! and it all tastes sooo good!!

so let me tell ya how to get there... its about half a mile east of Greenfield on the southside of Main St. Look for big neon colored posters. I dont know it there actually was a sign with their name on it but look for bright signs with current sales!!

dude I'm so hyped about this place!! Go check it out friends!