March 25, 2012

Quiet book

so I've been thinking that I wanted to make a quiet book for parker. I've seen some really cute ones, even pinned some on pinterest. they looked easy enough. hahaha! boy was I naive! This all went down over spring break at my parents. so I drew out a plan, bought some felt and used this site for some inspiration. Imagine Our Life blog has some super super cute page ideas! This is my attempt at a few of them. oh, P.S. everything is hand stitched. seriously, what was I thinking!





thats all I could get done over the week. still have about....five more pages to do, bind them all and make a cover. My mom and sister, Paige joined this fun time and helped stitch too! thanks guys!

I can tell, you're all inspired to make one now too, huh?!

March 13, 2012

Amazing weather = park

today feels A-MAZZZZZ-ING! I can't even believe how good it feels. Mid-70s has never felt better. to enjoy the day we went to the park with friends! Our complex has a playground but we want to try out a different one that is close by. This one actually had real baby swings! Parker LOVED it! for the first little while he just sat back with arms resting on the side like he owned the place.

March 12, 2012

Lovin bath time

so seriously, parker LOVES taking baths. he basically tries to crawl into the tub- fully clothed- while its filling up. He loves to splash, play with toys, splash some more. He also likes to stand up then plop down. He was quite the little entertainer tonight during his bath. look at these silly faces.

oh i love this kid!

March 09, 2012


the only thing that keeps me going is this face.