April 24, 2012


Drew got out of school early today and the weather was not too cold so we went and played at the park!

April 19, 2012

Mr cool guy

I know I just posted this picture on the side, but I figured you needed to see it larger. Seriously guys, I have one good lookin kid! watch out ladies, he's comin for ya. ;)

April 17, 2012


Drew was looking for something under the couch with the flashlight tonight and Parker just had to have it! The flashlight that is. He took it and just stared into the light for awhile. Ha. Great parent, I know. He was so interested in the light it was putting off. He was pointing it at the wall and ceiling and just following it with his eyes. Here's to young discovering minds.

Another one bites the dust

I finished another page in Parker's quiet book last night. Only a couple more to do!

April 13, 2012

One eventful night

So the other night Parker got a little crazy. He was a mess while eating. Even decided to take a bath in his clothes. Ha! He jumped in while drew was filling up the tub. Then he crashed after his bath. Oh that boy is silly.

April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

we had a really great time this weekend! We did a little exploring of louisville. We went down to the river and rode bikes! its a super sweet area down there and awesome views of the bridges going to Indiana. Louisville has these cute swings along the path to just look out and enjoy the scenery. They even had some pretty sweet playgrounds down there too. Next time, we're definitely packing a lunch and staying awhile (we went inbetween Parkers naps)

My parents came up to have easter with us. Its always great to see them!! Parker got his first haircut. Nothing too crazy just around the ears and neckline mostly. He opened his first easter basket. I did kind of a beachy theme but didn't get a picture of the front side.

The dental students in our complex put together an easter egg hunt for the kids. Parker didnt really get the idea. hahaha. At dinner he had his first corn-on-the-cob. he loved it. needless to say he wouldn't put it down. so we brought it with us. he cared more about his corn than the eggs. hahah!

isnt this a cute picture?

I hope you had a lovely easter too!

April 04, 2012

Look at me gettin all crafty

So I have this problem with being content. I get a little stir crazy from time to time. Mostly when I go to other peoples houses, see all this cute stuff then come home to mine and it just feels blah! I like my apartment and whats inside, dont get me wrong. but I just get a little stir crazy.

As you know we got new couches. Sadly they ordered us the wrong color and we have to wait another 3 weeks to get the right one. in the mean time we have a super dark brown on loan. so with that, I thought I needed new decor above the couches because what we did have was too small for such a huge couch! so those got moved into the hallway by parkers room.

so I was left with a blank wall. so I turned to google for ideas. nothing. then looked through my boards on pinterest. success!! Toilet Paper Roll Art! I googled this as well for more ideas involving it. After talking to my sister Paige, we decided to accent the room blue and yellow. well, I will still do that, but the yellow spray paint wasnt workin for me. so I just did everything in blue.

oh so, p.s., I got a 5 pack of canvas for like $18 from Michaels.. WAY better deal than just buying a big canvas (which I had in mind when I went). Also, paper towel rolls are a better idea to use- you can get way for out of one than like 3 TP rolls -unless you just have a collection of empty toilet paper rolls layin around. you can even pull the paper towel roll out without having to unroll the towels. PLUS.... they dont cost as much as toilet paper!

so heres the final product. I had mixed emotions about 'em at first. but the more I see 'em the more I 'em. what are your thoughts?

April 01, 2012

summer summer summer time!

The weather in Kentucky has been GREAT!! We've been playing at the park with friends, going on bike rides, and going on walks. to help get parker ready for summer we picked up a floaty (which he's already crawled out of in the pool), a rash guard shirt to help protect him from the sun, and some sunglasses!

tryin on shades at Target. I didnt end up getting these but I should have because he would leave them on. The ones I got ended up being too big and he pulls them right off. but we'll work on it.

out playin in the sand- workin on his farmers tan.

conference weekend

so i think this is maybe the second time in my life I watched 4 sessions of conference. I use watched loosely. It was on going but I dont know how much was absorbed. Parker was awake during the sessions so I was a little distracted. He walked around with this little walker alot and would fuss when he was at the end of a path and needed it to be turned. haha. but he did watch a little bit too.
he probably stood like this for most of that guys talk.

Drew was studying for a final he has on monday. but when he did come out of isolation parker got a little cuddly with him.
he likes to rub his face on drews beard.

Parker had his second taste of salsa. He liked it much better this time. Drew was feeding it to him by the chip full (chip used as a spoon, P didnt get any chips)

on Sunday we got together with some other dental school families for breakfast before conference. it was some tasty food! This get together was alot bigger than the one we held last conference. I have a feeling it will only continue to get bigger. :)