December 10, 2012


Parker loves glasses. He always points them out when I'm wearing them (which is usually everyday we're hanging around the house). He'll take them off me and puts them on himself. You should hear him say glasses, it's adorable and actually pretty clearly said. He has some cheap sunglasses that he popped a lens out so those are now his "glasses" since I'm pretty sure he'd break mine. And he can't afford to replace them.

December 05, 2012

Zoo take 2

So Monday was amazzzzzing weather here in good 'ole Kentucky! Like 70. not too shabby for December. So clearly we had to take advantage of that so P and I headed to the zoo. I decided to try and go in the morning before the nap this time. It worked pretty darn good. It wasnt too hot yet, low-mid 60s. A few of the exhibits were being cleaned so some of the animals werent out but we still had fun.
might be hard to tell, thats a baby giraffe on the left. 
back to the hippie van. still loved it
The inside exhibit was being cleaned so there were like 5 huge gorillas outside and pretty active. They kept coming up to the window. We even saw one clap for a trainer. Super cute!

so over by the bear exhibit there is a truck. the cab is outside and the bed of the truck is in the exhibit.
While Parker was "Driving" the polar bear came out from nowhere and climbed into the back of the truck! (looking for hidden fish I think) I stood Parker up so he could look out the back window and he started screaming. Like excited screaming.
this was the Polar Bear's face at parker for screaming! I thought the whole thing was pretty cool!
He even got to play at the playground this time! After that it was naptime so we were outta there.
 Hopefully we'll get some more warmer days to be able to go back! 

December 02, 2012

Beloved car

I don't know why, but this child LOVES to play in the car! I mean LOVES! while we were at my parents, if Parker wasnt asking to go see the tractor he wanted to go 'buh bye'. And you couldnt fool that kid by giving him some random keys. Oh he knew which keys would start grandma's car. He spent a LOT of time in the garage playing in the car.

He now even has to "drive" the car before we leave the YMCA to come home.

one thing he likes to do is turn the music up super loud, like too loud for even adult ears, and dance
(rockin out to daddy aka city knights)

then its always a good time when we get the whole family to play in the car.

kind of a longer video with not tons of excitement, but its pretty much like this everytime we get in the car

November 28, 2012

Christmas prep & Grandmas

I usually dont set up christmas until after thanksgiving, but I justified it a little bit this year. We had a mock thanksgiving the week before with the family before my little sister went on her mission. So to me, it was after. Parker and I set it up the Tuesday before the real thanksgiving and before we headed down to my parents for break.
my little helper!

Parker was a little stinker while at my parents. He only wanted my mom and was super cranky. He ended up drinking something that we think led to some allergies and sickness. So that didnt help things. But grandma has cool stuff at her house that kept him entertained.

this is up in grandma's office/sewing room. He loved to put the pegs in this and would just sit in play with it for like ten minutes straight!
Parker calls my dads mower a tractor. He wanted to go outside to the detached garage atleast 100 times a day to see it.
kicking it with Papa watching cars
my mom pulled out my old banana chair and Parker loved it! it was pretty humorous watching him climb in to it.

While I was at my moms I decided I wanted to make stockings. Parker didnt have one and the previous ones drew and I had were falling apart thanks to Parker. I used this as my inspiration. Luckily my mom is a BOSS and owned this craft. Burlap is a beast to work with so just be forewarned! 

Since we're going to Arizona this year for christmas, its hard for me to actually wrap presents and keep them until Christmas. Its just a pain to fly out all the gifts to just fly them back. So some things have come a little early. P got a vacuum toy from grandma S, two sweaters from me and Drew (our logic: he can wear them longer if he had them now) and a tent and tunnel toy. And I bought myself some jeans too that count as a christmas present. Its just hard for me to practice patience when its something I want/need.

happy to be home
playing in the tunnel

We found a new use of the christmas box my dad made us a couple years ago.

our little christmas corner.


Last week we had some warmer days (high 50s-low 60s) so we decided to make a trip to the zoo. We went with our friend Erika and her son Izak. We got there a little late because we went after Parkers nap so we only had a little over an hour before they closed. He sure was on one when we first got there. He wanted to walk. but since we were on a time crunch it really wasnt an option. So he ended up on my shoulders. Which ended up being okay because we got to see the elephants train! I've never seen it before! One picked up a log from the water with his trunk, carried it in his mouth and dropped it in front of some viewers. The one over by us shook his head, layed down, and sat up on his bum with his front legs in the air. It was super cool!! 
The lion was even out and rather chatty

just down from the elephants there was this old hippie van set up to play in. Parker loved it! Izak took the driver seat and P just climbed in the back.

Look how fast his little arms are moving!
This was the first time that Parker was able to really play at the zoo. It was so cute to watch! Can't wait to go back!

oh and check out this guy! He was like the size of a rabbit, no joke! There were hundreds all over the zoo!! They werent even scared of people either! Here he is enjoying a colored goldfish Erika gave him.

November 16, 2012

Halloween recap

Since its thanksgiving next week I figured I should post on Halloween. The plan was for P to be lil Frankenstein this year. Well the costume had a short shirt and super long pants. Not to mention Parker did not want to wear the hat. We still tried for the ward party.

A community around here had trick or treating with the businesses, tractor rides, and a bounce house. We all decided to be dentists for that. We each had a toothbrush and box of toothpaste. Drew felt lame since that's his daily giddup for school. No other adults dressed up so we looked a little silly. P loved the tractor ride but wasn't digging the idea of the bounce house.

We did try trick or treating this year on Halloween night. We went through the neighborhood behind our complex with our friends and their kids Carson and Lydia. We were some of the earliest out so a few houses hadnt started yet. Glad we went with older kids cause P had no idea what was going on and just followed them. It was freezing here that night so we only lasted maybe an hour. Parker did like seeing batman at one of the houses. When we got close he was in awe and was whispering "bah man". Ha he said batman the whole way home!
haha checkin out carsons stash

We do weekly girls nights here with the dental wives. The week of Halloween was a murder mystery party. It was my first one too! Some ppl were hilarious with their parts totally made the night!
sorry I screen copied this pic.

November 02, 2012

Family Picture pt 2

If you remember, we took family pictures this summer in Gatlinburg during my familys reunion. P was only 13 months old and was hardly walking then so he didnt look much like a toddler then. I have lost some weight/ inches since then so I thought we needed new pictures. Especially if we planned on doing christmas cards.

My awesome friend out here, Katie, did a total last minute shoot for us. Drew and I had been talking about it but didnt know when would work best. Kentucky was having some awesome weather for awhile so Drew said, why dont we take pictures tomorrow. Katie was down. The weather was in the high 60s. Perfect!