October 29, 2012


I'm a little behind with blogging so here are some happening from my phone.
This is my arm. P was teething I think. He has since cut 4 more teeth.

I didnt tighten the straps and I was worried he was going to jump out

a particularly happy day on the way home from the gym. living the life

17 months! Its crazy he's that old now! and a whopping 25 lbs too!

Enjoying a sucker
sugar high?

Such a big helper. He wanted to carry the TP at the grocery store

There is one cabinet in the kitchen that doesnt have safety locks and he LOVES to play in it. (only contains plastic bowls and napkin rings)

he's gotten into hiding lately. same cabinet

even the pantry

P at the park riding a little motocyle

This was sunday. Poor thing wasnt feeling well and I guess was acting up for Drew at church. Drews dad used to put him on a stack of chairs when he was little and being bad a church. 

Proud parent moments. Mine was throwing food at Parker. haha. The other day he needed to eat lunch, hardly ate all day. But he decided to throw it all on the ground and wouldnt listen to me telling him to stop. so, I threw it back. haha. it was ripped up pieces of lunch meat and cut up string cheese. Yeah, I'm the best mom. Take notes. ;)

October 09, 2012

Huber farm

To finish off fall break we headed to Indiana. Huber farm is a pretty cool little place to go play. Alot of dental  students/wives went last year but we didnt go since P was so little. We went with our friends the Wangsgard (P's gf's family) First we rode a track out to the pumpkin patch. Poor P tripped alot over all the vines.
crackter (tractor)
look at that face! He tried so hard to pick it up.
our millionth attempt to take a family picture
Parkers pumpkin

Next we headed on another tractor to feed some animals

P really wanted to ride this little car but his arms were too short to be able to sit all the way on the back. note his crackter in his hand. He fell in love with it in their farmers market so of course we had to get it for him

surprisingly, he didnt like actually being on the tractor.

October 06, 2012

D + P

I found these on drews phone from last Sunday. They were havin tons of fun while I was napping