June 27, 2013

Little man is 2!

I figure I should probably finally post about Parkers birthday since it was 2 months ago! Mommy fail!

So the morning started with a quick run to walmart for balloons and party hats. Parker had been asking about them for his birthday so I couldnt let little man down. He was a little bit confused at first with the balloons in his bed (I threw them in after he woke up) but then he warmed up to them.
It took him a little bit but he figured out the party blower then he loved to do it!
Drew was off school for a few weeks during this time to study for boards so he got to play too.
I love this picture. he loves to watch himself in the mirrors.
The week before we went to the "new park", as Parker likes to call it, so we decided to go with Daddy so he could see how cool it is.
soo was not the plan to play at the splash pad part. P was checking it out and got shot with water in the chest so clearly it meant he was free to play

Later that day we just had the dental students out to the park for cupcakes.

I love my little stinker! I cant believe he's two already! that kid is a talking machine too! Its up to like 5-6 word sentences. not perfect grammar or anything, he still leaves our filler words here and there (ie is, did, in, come, with, etc-- Papa's red tractor garage. Parker play yellow monster truck.) but he sure remembers everything though and loves to tell me past events or highlights of the day. We love this boy sooo much. He always keeps us laughing.

June 10, 2013

birthday weekend/ mothers day

The weekend of mothers day we had a family get together for Parkers birthday/ mothers day. I did horrible with taking pictures of the weekend though. Anyway, everyone in the family came except Paige of course, she's in Brazil on her mission. Because of the time people got in, we didnt really get together until Saturday.  The plan was to skype with my sister in the morning (or atleast hear from her in the morning to know what time we'd skype) then go play for Parkers birthday. Well, we did a LOT of waiting! During that waiting we did some presents for Parker.
This year we got P a strider bike! It took some time to warm up to it but he loves it now.
my sister-in-law had a superhero outfit made for Parker. it has a mask, cape, and wrist cuffs.
P wanted me to be a superhero.
They also got him a sweet tractor book with moving tires on the outside. at the time, he liked t he book more than the superhero outfit. My sis got him a tractor and a tractor book! (we were going to do a construction theme party, thats why all the tractors)
look who got caught actually getting along: Parker and Harrison! Its crazy how close in size they are even though they are 9 months apart!

So we finally decided to just stop sitting around waiting on my sister and we ate lunch and headed to the zoo. of course right as we pull off the interstate, she emailed me trying to set up a time. she wanted to skype in just over an hour. we live 20 minutes from the zoo. there was no way to do the zoo in 40 minutes. so after getting super frustrated with her through emails, we just drove back to the apartment and waited. she was having technical difficulties so we had to wait longer than planned to skype.  but it was good to see her and she's doing well.

after naps, we wanted to try and do something! so we went to the YMCA that has an indoor pool with a slide and cool things. The awesome Y with the outdoor waterpark wasnt open yet. P still wasnt digging the pool yet and didnt even get in. I think he was still kind of sickly from the week before. Harrison wasnt feeling well either so we probably only stayed an hour.

Sunday we had a BBQ for mothers day. My cousin and his wife were in town to do summer sales so they were able to come too. Again, didnt do well with taking pictures and didnt get any with them. It was awesome to see Tyson- I havent seen him in probably 6 years! We would hangout in the summer in high school when I went up to Utah.

After my siblings left P had a great time playing playdough with Papa

birthday package from Mama S

We got a birthday package from Grandma Solomon a few days before Parkers birthday. I guess he's gotten enough packages that he knows he has to sit down on the floor and then we open it. He was sooo excited it was for him. I pulled the seal strip off and let him go for it.
just like a boy, throw the clothes aside to look for something else.
got some sweet new cars from great grandma williams

so when Drew was little he had a pair of boots. apparently he was a little obsessed with shoes and especially those boots. Ruth Ann thought it only fitting to pass those boots down to Parker. He instantly wanted to try them on (they put them on him over christmas break while in AZ so I guess he remembered)

June 07, 2013


First off, my phone crapped out again and everything had to be switched over to the computer and i didnt have easy access to my pictures thats why I'm soooo behind!

So back at the end of April we had another ER trip. But let me back up. That morning Parker woke up screaming like in pain. Totally not normal for him. So I went in to get him and he was inconsolable for a couple minutes (also not normal) Once he did finally stop crying he was playing in my room and sharing some toast with me. I kind of noticed his breathing was a little faster than normal. After a pediatrician basically calls you a horrible mother for not taking your child to the ER because "they are in respiratory distress" you start paying closer attention to your child's breathing. I counted his bpm and it was about 57. Technically a child 0-2 is considered in resp. distress if bpm  is more than 60. well he was like 10 days from being 2. the count for older than 2 is 40 times per min. so i didnt know how technical it needed to be. He was almost to the point if we went on exact age, but totally way if we rounded up. I decided to go ahead and give him some left over albuterol but called Dr. Kade (my bro) to double check the game plan. He said to give him the treatment then count his breaths 10 minutes later, if it wasnt any better to take him to the ER. So I busted out Bubbles and waited. His breathing slowed to about 47. That last for like 5 minutes then it jumped up to 60 breaths per minute

Off to the ER we went. It took a little bit longer to go back this time since we didnt have the pediatrician call ahead. But that gave Parker a chance to play on the toys.

I wasnt particularly fond of the staff we encountered this go around. People were nice, but didnt seem to know how to do their job. they kept asking me things like I knew the best way to preform their job. Anyway, they decided to give him another neutralizer treatment with some oral steroids along with some Tylenol for his fever. The fun part with the treatment at the hospital was it was an hour long treatment!! So we just kicked it an watched Cars.

Drew was at school taking finals when all of this first went down. I texted him so he was aware and he called kind of not knowing what the heck happened! He did end up coming to the hospital after his test for moral support. 

I never knew the exact stats on his breathing but his blood oxygen was pretty low and the dumb machine kept going off. I want to say he was about 91 or so. He was acting fine but his stats were borderline for the doctors liking. so she decided she wanted to do another hour long breathing treatment to be safe so we werent back in a few hours for the same thing. Before we did the second treatment, he had to get an Xray to make sure he didnt have pneumonia. but he was good to go. What he was diagnosed with was Reactive Airways Disease. Basically she said he has asthma but I guess you cant technically diagnose a child under the age of 5 with asthma. but he basically had an asthma attack. He wasnt sick like last time (last ER for resp distress he had RSV, bronchiolitis, and pneumonia). he didnt eat anything weird. He just couldnt get enough air. They said it was allergy related (which he has) and it was just something airborn.

Poor thing was exhausted and ended up falling asleep during  his second treatment. you could imagine how much that blood ox machine went off during his nap!!
(you cant really tell in this picture but he was having kind of a weird reaction to the treatment and his face got really red and splotchy)
They woke him up after awhile to make sure he really was okay and his stats were just so low because he was sleeping and that he wasnt dying. But it was just because he was sleeping.

 We seriously spent soooo much of our time in the ER waiting on people!

So 5 hours later, we were finally able to leave. Parker was fine for the most part. He was put on oral steriods for a few days and albuterol treatments every 4 hours round the clock- made for a pretty sleepless night for me. 

all he wanted to do was just play on this car. So after we were discharged we probably spent another half hour in the waiting room so he could play on this.

After a follow up with P's pediatrician, we was switched to a nebulized steroid for as long as he coughed while being active and we slowly weened him off the albuterol. She really didnt want him outside until it was completely cleared up but the weather was nice and he was acting normal so we didnt really follow that counsel. its okay though, my bro said he'd be fine.

Luckily, we have NOT had ANY issues since then. P is such a champ!