October 19, 2010

Coming to a couple near you..

May 8, 2011!

That's right, we're having a baby! We're pumped! I've been dying to just announce it to everyone but have been waiting until after my first prenatal appointment. Well, that was today! Everything is going great! I heard the heart beat and saw some little feet kickin. I thought I was 10 weeks but according to the ultrasound and the doctor, we're ahead of schedule! the little one is 4.4 cms so the doctor estimates the due date of May 8. Going into the appointment I was thinking it would be May 15. Hey, I'll take earlier for sure!

Here's some pictures of our little booger.

showing some muscles! (left arm, elbow, and hand)

a side shot of my big head baby ;)

during the foot kicking. notice the foot stickin up on the left side.

October 08, 2010

BoOmEr SoOnEr!

Drew received another dental school invite yesterday. Yep, you guessed it.... OU!We kind of have mixed emotions about OU... We used to be super pumped about it before the whole interview process started. But now that it has.. we dont really see ourselves there. But hey, we'd be happy to go there too. It just depends on other things.
But either way... BOOMER SOONER!
OU- November 12th