May 26, 2009


the family + 2

Oxen Rides

Our Pioneer family

We would have looked pretty good as pioneers, huh?

The trip went well. the weather was perfect. I loved the green and lightning bugs at night. We just toured and hung out together at the condos. Nimit, Paige's bf, brought his wii and that kept us very entertained when we werent touring. The family went to the temple on Friday. I didnt go sadly, I wasnt feeling too well. so I spent the morning with the kids.
All and all, it was pretty fun. These are just a few of the pictures from the trip. If you want more check out my facebook or get with shai. she took alot.

um, yep.

May 12, 2009

One year down, eternity to go...

Thats right, Drew and I are coming up on our one year anniversary. Crazy huh. I cant believe its gone that fast!!

School is down for drew, finally. no worries, he's still a genius. He thinks his gpa might have slipped to a 3.94. oh no! heaven forbid. haha. he;s great. And with school being done and summer right next door, it's Rasmussen family vaca time. Yep, the Rasmussen clan (plus me and drew-we're solomons remember) are heading to Nauvoo next Wednesday. I've been before as you Ft Smith stake kids remember, we went for youth conference a couple years ago. But it'll be exciting. I'll be able to actually do a session in the Nauvoo temple. Drew has never been before so that'll be fun. Also, Paige's recently baptized boyfriend, Nimit, is coming too. so that'll be awesome to watch him recomfirm what he was just taught. So be ready for tons of pictures of the trip in future posts.

Welp, We're over to Famous Daves. yum yum


May 01, 2009

It's official...

I, Nikki Solomon, am a failure at life.

I didnt get the job. I guess I'm no better than sears. and there i'll stay for the rest of my life. yay... seriously. talk about a self esteem buster. I dont know what ill do now.