December 10, 2012


Parker loves glasses. He always points them out when I'm wearing them (which is usually everyday we're hanging around the house). He'll take them off me and puts them on himself. You should hear him say glasses, it's adorable and actually pretty clearly said. He has some cheap sunglasses that he popped a lens out so those are now his "glasses" since I'm pretty sure he'd break mine. And he can't afford to replace them.

December 05, 2012

Zoo take 2

So Monday was amazzzzzing weather here in good 'ole Kentucky! Like 70. not too shabby for December. So clearly we had to take advantage of that so P and I headed to the zoo. I decided to try and go in the morning before the nap this time. It worked pretty darn good. It wasnt too hot yet, low-mid 60s. A few of the exhibits were being cleaned so some of the animals werent out but we still had fun.
might be hard to tell, thats a baby giraffe on the left. 
back to the hippie van. still loved it
The inside exhibit was being cleaned so there were like 5 huge gorillas outside and pretty active. They kept coming up to the window. We even saw one clap for a trainer. Super cute!

so over by the bear exhibit there is a truck. the cab is outside and the bed of the truck is in the exhibit.
While Parker was "Driving" the polar bear came out from nowhere and climbed into the back of the truck! (looking for hidden fish I think) I stood Parker up so he could look out the back window and he started screaming. Like excited screaming.
this was the Polar Bear's face at parker for screaming! I thought the whole thing was pretty cool!
He even got to play at the playground this time! After that it was naptime so we were outta there.
 Hopefully we'll get some more warmer days to be able to go back! 

December 02, 2012

Beloved car

I don't know why, but this child LOVES to play in the car! I mean LOVES! while we were at my parents, if Parker wasnt asking to go see the tractor he wanted to go 'buh bye'. And you couldnt fool that kid by giving him some random keys. Oh he knew which keys would start grandma's car. He spent a LOT of time in the garage playing in the car.

He now even has to "drive" the car before we leave the YMCA to come home.

one thing he likes to do is turn the music up super loud, like too loud for even adult ears, and dance
(rockin out to daddy aka city knights)

then its always a good time when we get the whole family to play in the car.

kind of a longer video with not tons of excitement, but its pretty much like this everytime we get in the car