January 26, 2014

on to November

This year in Louisville on Halloween there were storms and even a tornado watch so they opted to do trick or treating on Nov 1st. It was waaaay nicer weather than last year where we froze! This year Parker was Super Why. my mom made the costume. We lost his cape at Brown Park during that festival. I was soooo bummed because it was his first time to wear it. but since my mom is a BOSS she made another one and got it in the mail so we'd have it for Halloween. which he didnt even end up wanting to wear. that or his mask.
 I call this is first REAL time trick or treating. in the sense that he went up to the door and said trick or treat by himself. well, Paisley was there too but I stood on the sidewalk and watched. it was super cute! The first couple houses he just wanted to eat the candy he was getting.
 wanting to take a nap in his tent.
 the train scared him and he thought hed be safer on my back.
 chillin out max and relaxin all cool
 just bonding with the turkey at the gym. P thought that thing was the turkey's nose.
 he lays like this regularly to watch tv
 he's ready to get some work done as a construction worker
 I had my first OB appt and we got an ultrasound! baby's forehead is less protruding than big brothers was at this size but still has a LARGE head just like P. look at that jaw line!
 just having fun with mom
 what a little cutie
 P and Paisley playin with the Drews ear protection
 ohhh just eating an ice cream cone (plain, no ice cream) for breakfast
 So I bought undies with anticipation of starting potty training. well P loved the undies so much he slept with them and then wanted to wear this pair the next day over his diaper. 
 my little stud muffin lookin so cool
P had his 2.5 yr check up: 32.4 lbs (75%) 36 1/2 in tall (60ish%) happy, healthy, and super cute
 whats that I see, big boy undies? we got crazy and started potty training the day after his dr appt. I thought Id take advantage of him looking his undies.
 I was referred to the 3 day potty training method and I was a bit skeptical and it was tough work but so so worth it!! I even got crazy and did it the week before thanksgiving break. I didnt really want to wait because it was just one holiday after the other and we'd be gone for both traveling. then we'll be traveling for spring break then its basically summer and he'd be 3. I didnt want to wait that long. so we jumped it. he owned it!! again day 1 was ROUGH! but I also babysat that day, stupidly, so it was hard to keep up my positive reinforcement. but once he caught on day 2, he really caught on. 
we went to my parents for thanksgiving break. silly P loves to play in my moms craft room. look at that goody he found.
 just watchin his toons
 he loves this cabinet at my parents. he fits perfectly and always asks you to close the door for him.
P was a little sickly while we were there with a fever but chocolate ice cream can make anyone feel better!

January 21, 2014

October Review

Finally at the end of his cold.
Ridin dirty!
oh this little cutie loves to ride these after shopping at kroger. best part, theyre free!
I helped throw my friend Cassie a baby shower for her little boy Easton.
dont you hang out on a cookie sheet on the couch?
all of conference weekend P had to be sitting on me.
He was telling me about daddys yucky movie (it was a drive thru records dvd)
P and Paisley rekindling their love on the way to the park
We met my parents half way at Hinton Orchard. It was pretty country. the worst part was that seriously was like the hottest day of the year that day! I was dying!! but P had fun playing. they had really yummy ice cream too.
The Addams Family off broadway show came to Louisville. the coolest part was a friend from Oklahoma was in the show!! So me and some girls decided to go! it was a really funny show with AMAZING singer!
our ward did their halloween party pretty early in the month and Ps costume wasnt quite finished yet so he was a Zoo Keeper for the party. during the trick or treating he would stop in the hall, pick a piece of candy, open it, eat it, then continue. he ate soo much candy that night.
when you dont quite want to turn the heat on yet, you just wear mittens
lovin on the scarecrow at the gym
P's first pair of skinnys. he looks so tall!
heres a back shot because he looks that cute.
We went with some friends to Brown Park to their halloween festival. it was pretty cold! It was cute it here P say trick or treat then as wed walk off hed say happy halloween! he got to pet some animals but loved the bunny the best. that poor thing kept trying to get away from P. He loved sitting in the firetruck too!
Painting pumpkins at a friends complex party. He just kept singing "paint-ing, paaaaainting"
P liked to hang out in the window during stake conference.
He got a little naughty so drew took him out and sat him on these boxes. I think his dad is rubbing off a little too much.
obviously conference was exhausting!

a church around the corner from our house was having a halloween festival so we tried it out. the funniest was that last picture. P kept tryin to stick his head through and say cheese.
just hanging out, watching cartoons.