June 26, 2009

goin' on 30 years

Dave and Deb's 30th anniversary is comin up July 6th. Shai is putting together a scrapbook for 'em from our family trip this year and has some extra room. she's thinkin of doing kind of what we did for my wedding one. Your memories, well wishes, congratulations, love notes, etc..

If you guys would like to help, you henryetta ward family, I'm talkin to you, send 'em on over. you can do it on here, facebook, email me* or shai**. maybe have them done by Sunday? they dont have to be anything long.

** shairasmussen@hotmail.com

but c'mon, arent they just presh?! oh man, i just love them!

June 21, 2009

New hair!

well, same hair. only shorter. ha. this is kind of a bad pic, oh well. we actually took this to send to my dad this morning with a voice recording. so this is us, at church, rocking our calling in the library. Drews hair is almost as long as mine now.

June 12, 2009

Night Night

Isnt he precious?! I dont know what it is about bed time that Karabi just loves. He has to sleep with us. If he doesn't, he'll whine until you give in. Last night when we were getting ready for bed, Karabi hopped up and started settling in to go to sleep. Well Drew thought it was only appropiate to tuck him in. Hahah!

Don't worry, Karabi did finally surrender Drew's spot in bed and went to the foot of the bed. Thats his favorite, right in front of the fan.

June 06, 2009

I dont know what it is about chris..

so after a long sucky day of work, I was unwinding to some dashboard on my way home. And I could help but get a flood of memories. Mostly ones of friends I've lost. no not died. just lost. most of the ones that came to mind were because of my stupid hormones that led to late night, regrettable kisses. haha. others because of stupid girls. but it really makes me sad that i lost those friendships. and sad that I'll probably never be able to regain on with those individuals.

but heres to chris carraba, for helping me remember.


June 05, 2009

Hey, atleast I'm trying

Meet Allison, she's my daily pilates instructor. yep, thats right, I'm actually working out. i only do it at home, cause i dont really have time or money for anything else. It says guaranteed results in ten workouts. im at that point and dont really see it. But I feel smaller, I just dont know if I really look like it.

But hey, its makin me feel good and again, atleast I'm tryin.
Check her out, The Firm's Sculpt and Tone Pilates.


June 02, 2009

And it begins.

Summers in arizona are anything but pleasant. triple digits everyday. lots of work. not so much time with the husband. I miss my utah summers. boating, pool parties, floatin the provo, motorcycle rides... let me just day dream a minute about that....

okay. sadly it wont happen again. but here's whats been going on. Drew started his summer job, door to door pest control. Ha! He only did it a week and made like 5 sales. pretty darn good I'd say. but it wasnt really working out for us. Sure there was a potiental of getting decent money, eventually. But I seriously never saw him until sunday. so he started looking for a new job. And sure enough, he got one. He's gunna work for a insurance company filling scripts. Its gunna be a nice hook up. Pretty good pay, 40 hrs a week, and medical and dental insurance! finally! im excited.

as for me, sears is still gay. im still there. arizona is in a crazy hiring freeze for everyone but drew solomon. oh, and massage is super slow because im at sears. but you gotta go where you'll for sure get money. what can ya do.

So all an all, I might actually do something this summer since we'll have money and ill actually be able to see drew. he talks of a trip, california, maybe a cruise? who knows. but i think we'll hit utah in august for his buddy's wedding. oh! and Deb is coming out next month. you just cant get enough of her. hahaha. i really do like her guys.