April 29, 2011

Am I ready for this?

Yesterday Drew and I finished our last childbirth class. I don't know if I feel more prepared or more freaked out now! This L & D stuff is tough! So many different things can go wrong. Every childbirth is different. Things usually don't go as planned! That doesn't work for me. I mean, how can I mentally prepare if I walk in the door and its nothing like I expected?

Right now I can't help but stress over timing and details. Will I know when my water breaks? How long should I really labor at home? What if I get there too late and can't get an epidural? Can I handle a natural birth? How far along should I be before getting an epidural? What if my pregnancy stops progressing after I get one? What if it doesn't work for me? What if Parker freaks out and I have to have a c-section? Is Parker going to be too loopy to breast feed right away? Will I be able to even do it? Are they really going to put him on me all gooey and bloody for an hour? (note: I'm SOO not a bodily fluids person!) Does the 48 hrs in the hospital covered by insurance start when I walk through the door or after the baby is born? How soon should I let people come in the room after delivery? What if I'm not up for visitors and just want time with Drew and Parker? Will I have time to change and 'freshen up' before people come in? Will I go into labor before my mom gets to Arizona?

Oh goodness. I realize I pretty much can't control any of this. I just don't know what to expect. Well, I do. We went over it in our childbirth class. All the "if this happens then..." "if this doesn't happen then you'll have to...." stuff like that. But still. This is crazy stuff! I'm trying really really hard to not stress, but I can't help it. Not to mention everything that will happen after.

I'm not so much in the nesting phase as far as getting the house ready cause the baby is coming. Its more.. my moms coming! I can't look like a slob! I really don't want her cleaning my shower! I'm not good at people doing things for me that I should be perfectly fine doing myself. But I don't know how I'll feel afterwards. Am I gunna be stuck on the couch for 2 weeks in my nightgown and not be able to get up and around? Not to mention have people over! Oh goodness. Then there's getting the house ready to move! packing and cleaning, packing and cleaning! I'm just not ready for this all to happen. I'm sure it will pass in a blur! Luckily, I will have my mom here, even if I don't want her cleaning my nasty shower, which I'm sure she would do.

I'm just in a worrying stage. Was the a contraction? Is Parker moving less? Is there something wrong? Should I call the doctor? My left ankle is massive, way better than my right, is something wrong? Should I call the doctor? No, I can wait until monday. I'm starting to get a headache, is it preeclampsia? Stupid stuff like that. I know its not. I'm just freaking over nothing.

am I really ready?

April 22, 2011

The final stretch

I seriously can NOT believe I'm 9 months pregnant! You think I would have been expecting it but I've been SOOO spoiled with this pregnancy. But sure enough, 9 months is here. And in case you weren't closely following my pregnancy, I only have 2 weeks (plus a day or 2) left! SOOO CRAZY!!
^37 weeks + 4 days^

Last night Drew and I took our first child birthing class. It was interesting. Drew got pretty bored, which kinda of makes sense since most of what was talked about he won't be going through. He did like when we got up at the end of the class and practiced breathing/comforting techniques. He's such a goof. I couldn't stop laughing when he was doing his 'coaching'. Hopefully he'll be able to keep me happy the day of. We have another class next week, that one will be more info for me since I plan on havin me some drugs during labor. All the videos we watched last night were about women who went natural. Yeah, no thanks! I don't want to feel anything if I don't have to.

Also yesterday, we got Parkers 'lil swing! It's darling. I love it. Seriously, its too cute. Drew did a lovely job putting it together too.
We're still waiting on the travel system though. For some reason walmart is struggling with it even though it was ordered before the swing. Hopefully it comes in before Parker does!! Or Drew might be going to the store to pick of a random carseat so we can take parker home!

Parker is getting big. That kid is a mover! I think he's guna have attention issues like Drew. Not that Drew can't concentrate, he totally can. His mind just never shuts off. He always needs to be doing something! I think Parker is leaning that way already! At my last appointment he was estimated at 6.8 pounds. That was over a week ago too. He's going to have a big head too! The doctor didn't use those exact words but when he was doing an ultrasound to measure him I was like, is that his big 'ole head? Dr. Beck was like, "it is good sized" then kind of smiled. haha. A week before that I was at 1cm. I go in monday so we'll see how I've progressed. I'm not making my prediction on whether he'll be early/late/ on time until after this next appointment. But honestly, I'm still in no hurry at all! The most my doctor will let me go over is a week. so no later than 3 weeks from now, I'll have a kid! whoa!

Other than that... I made it through tax season and still going. I feel fine so I'm still working. I'll be here atleast until the end of the month, maybe a little longer depending on how I'm progressing. Drew took this last week off (even though he didn't want to) cause he jacked his neck up some how. We're talking crazy muscle spasms, enough that it pulls his head to the side. When he's fighting to keep it in place it looks like he has really bad twitches. But he's on the up side of it now. He went in to work today. He'll be fine, I'm not worried.

Welp, you've seen my MASSIVE belly, Parkers cute swing, and heard some updates. I guess thats all for now! I'll keep ya posted!