September 30, 2012

Ball on the belle

So LASDA ( Louisville- American Student Dental Assc.) puts on a "Ball" every year for the dental/hygiene school. Every other year the Ball is on the Belle of Louisville and it just so happened to be on there this year! A group of us decided to go together to check it out.
Don't we look cheesy all matchy matchy?! I like it ;)
The group at Tumbleweeds

Pretty nice view of the sunset over the river.
The line to get on the boat
waiting to get on the boat
taking a break on the deck from dancing
Chelsea, Katie, me, and Cassie with downtown in the background
Rich, Pat, Drew, and Verl (Jake). 
Downtown Louisville

There were tons of drunk people! Lots of hip hop but we had a good time! 

September 21, 2012

Season changes

So last week (I think) it had been getting a little bit colder here in Kentucky. Like colder than shorts and tank tops. So I decided I should probably get Parkers fall/winter wear out. We were pretty hooked up from my bro and SIL who had two boys older than Parker so we have plenty of hand me downs! Like seriously, tons of 18 month clothes and all for fall/winter! Parker was pretty excited about it. He found his hat + scarf that Paigey got him from Colombia last year. He just thought it was the funniest thing to play with.

He also really liked to lay on the "new clothes"

Haha he was funny with his mittens too

This hat actually fit him and his big head! 

Getting ready to go play outside. IT was chilly enough for a sweater.

I love FALL!! Can you believe tomorrow is the first official day of Autumn!

September 13, 2012


I love to color. I love to color. I love to color. C'mon and play with me. Sorry I watch yo gabba waaayyy too much. I always have a song from there in my head. Anyway, Parker wanted to draw the other day after lunch so I gave him paper and let him go at it. He'll have mad skills in no time!

September 08, 2012

Long Run Park

This morning the weather was great!! Maybe high 60s- low 70s. Amazing! So we went with our friends the Christensens to the park. We fed some ducks, though the bulk of then swam away right when we got there. But two hung around and fought over ever piece we threw. We even found an egg! Then we walked up to the play ground for a little while. I turned the splash pad on just for fun ;) It was a great day to be outside!

September 05, 2012

P & Izak

Tonight our friend Izak came over to play for a little while. Tonight was a Papa Johns kind of night so that worked out perfect.

playing racecars on the porch

Parker loved to watch himself enjoying his juice box


Drew even took a break from studying and pulled out the guitar. the boys loved it!

Happy birthday to Me!

So my birthday was Sunday. And since it fell on a Sunday we decided to go out Saturday with some friends, Katie and jake. Katie and I have the same birthday! So we tried out this place downtown called hammerheads
Drew and I thought it looked like it should have been attached to a music venue. The food was super good. To give you an idea, the place opened at 5. We got there at 5:15 and there was already an hour wait! Luckily there were 4 seats at the bar, so we just ate up there. Afterwards I really wanted to go go karting but it was raining and pretty wet. We opted for bowling at incredible Dave's, not so incredible but the bowling was good. 

Then we went to orange leaf (my and drews first time) ate some birthday cake froyo. Seemed suiting. Then we topped off the night with Tommy Boy at their house.

On Sunday we went to church (duh) Poor Parker was so tired! passed out on the way home.
My mom made me beef stroganoff and homemade rolls. My parents came up Saturday to watch p for us do we could go out. After dinner we had my DQ Reese's blizzard cake with jake and katie. 
It was kind of disappointing. You know how blizzards have the stuff mixed throughout? Yeah this just had the Reese's on top. Lame! My sister Shai and her hubs Tyler were on their way home from Ohio so they stopped by too and brought Karabi. It was funny to watch him and P play. They both played with this giant tennis ball. It was cute to watch. After everyone left we skyped with drews family. 

All and all it was a good birthday. Drew got me this sign that is the center of my picture wall. 
I got some money and gift cards too. I just have to decide what I want to spend it on. Drew assured me I don't have to use it right now. Haha. Here's to being a quarter of a century old. Only benefit: not an extra fee when renting a car. That's a super big deal since we rent a car so much ;)

oh, another fun little piece of information. My mom brought up my sophomore prom dress for me. There is a ball on the belle at the end of the month and I wanted to see if it fit for a possible option of attire. and, it did!! not nearly as good as when I was 16. My hips are MUCH larger now but still, it fit!