August 29, 2012

Poor little P

So Parker had his 15 month appointment a couple weeks ago. poor little guy had to get two shots. Well they didn't go over super well and he had a fever for a couple days and just felt kind of crummy. All he would eat were popsicles or as he likes to say "popsss"

luckily the 'popss' seemed to work and he felt better the next day

I convinced Drew to let me buy a zoo pass and we went a couple Saturdays ago with some friends.

Look how sad he is. I dont even remember why he was grouchy but I was trying to get a picture of him in his new shoes.

The next day we went to the park to feed the ducks! parker seemed to really like it. He even tried throwing them some bread, it didnt quite make it to the water though.

then bad times hit again! We started noticing a fever on Saturday and he was acting kind of constipated but didn't think too much of it. Sunday while in church we noticed a weird rash on his forearm. He was also drooling like crazy which we just wrote off as teething, same with the fever and crankiness. yeah, not so much. After him having two bad days I decided we needed to take him to the doctor.

Parker after meds. drooling like a crazy! That was already the second shirt he soaked through.

Yep, hand-foot-mouth. great! and we totally exposed everyone at church to it! We were lucky enough to not get it the last time it went around out here. this time, we were one of the first to get it. We as in him. His fever broke the night before we went to the doctor but still gave him some meds for the discomfort on his throat so he'd actually feel okay to eat.

now he's just recovering. no fever. throat seems better. Hes eating. Just keeping him inside so we don't spread it around. poor kid cant get a break.

August 16, 2012

Utah w/ few pictures

so it seems like I go in spurts with picture taking. some times Im pretty good at documenting things, most of the time, not so much. So here are the few pictures I have from the trip. I dont even have any with drews family! I'm horrible at this picture stuff!!

Parker did pretty good in the plane considering we didnt even leave Louisville until like 6pm (bedtime 7:30) We boarded our tiny little plane to Memphis. It was super warm on the plane so we asked for a cup of ice while we were waiting. That became a MUST before every take off. Parker loves ice and it was an awesome distraction while everyone boarded and didnt have to worry about his poor little ears.

We had a super short layover in Memphis. It was scheduled for 30 mins, might have gone a little longer. But it was long enough to get P changed into jammies and get a fresh diaper. He did good on this flight too. He did crawl under the seat a couple times and I have to wiggle him out. Luckily the people were laying down on the seat so I didnt have to do it between their legs. Oh yeah, totally booked out flight but there were actually lots of seats open on the plane so we got a whole row to ourselves! Around 7:30 he got really cuddly, sucking his thumb, holding his blanket- acting like he does when hes ready for bed. He stayed like his for maybe 10 mins then he was wide awake!! yeah! maybe 2 1/2 hours later, he finally passed out! He didnt get too long to sleep because we were about to descend.
We waited for everyone to deboard trying to give parker as long as we could to sleep. the second I tried to pick him up he was wide awake again. He continued this while getting our bags, waiting for a rental car and some of the drive to the condo.  But of course, once we stopped the car, wide awake. We did a quick hello to the family then he was off to bed. It was about 1am louisville time before he really got to sleep.

But that didnt make him sleep in any longer than normal. He woke up a little after 6 mst. We had to hang out in the bedroom though since everyone was still asleep and drews dad was downstairs on a pull out in the living room. Parker pretty much had eaten, bathed, and down for his first nap before everyone else was awake. 

Friday was the big day! Cousin Emily was getting married. But before that, Parker and I were left at the condo to fend for ourselves with SILs- Alexis and Laura. So we played around the condo and went to the park.

The wedding and reception were in Bountiful We didnt go to the sealing but hit up the reception for a little bit. The ring ceremony started at 6:30 mst (8:30 louisville time) so we were already past P's bedtime! It was like a Solomon family reunion!! Almost everyone was there! we saw lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, and great gpa S!
We played at the park close by most of the time we were there. check out this house!! It was up on a hill overlooking the reception! I wonder who lives there. That thing was ridiculous!

Saturday we did our own thing for awhile. We met up with Drew's trainer and his cute wife at the Porcupine for brunch. Really good food. Parker really like the french toast and hashbrowns. He might have eaten a container of creamer too...... I didnt give it to him. Well  Idid but I didnt think he'd open it! 

We hung out with Taylor and Courtney (drews cousin & wife) in PG for a good while. no pictures with them! sorry guys! failure! They let Parker run around the house and play with their HUGE dog Max! Parker was a little afraid at first but they played this cute 'follow me' game while going up the stairs. One of drews comps came over there to see him while I watched the olympics with Courtney. We went for bbq at the Smoking Apple- I really didnt want the Thai food that was being made for dinner back at the condo.

One of Drew's best friends came over with his wife and baby (Parkers betroved) Alex and Karina hadnt met Parker yet and we hadnt met JAne so it was GREAT to see them! plus we just really like Alex and Karina.

They had a second date too on Sunday.

The condo only had a swamp cooler so Drews mom made sure to have them leave us plenty of fans to use! We were trying to teach Parker how to make noise in the fan. you know like you do when you're a little kid because it sounds so silly! haha. He didnt really get the hang of it until after we left but it was cute watching him try.

My long lost best friend wasnt able to see us while we were in PG so she came and saw me!! It was fun to see her! Its been like 3 years!! That was the last time we were up in Utah. Oh how I miss her. She completes me. well, besides drew of course.

Monday we went to SLC and ate at the Red Iguana where they pretty much force you to use valet parking. We went with another of Drews comps and his new wife. Parker was left with the grandparents but didnt feel like sleeping I guess. He woke up and stayed up way past his bedtime.

Tuesday was check out. Drews 'rents rolled out early so we just met up with Alex who didnt work to far away for final goodbyes. Parker enjoyed 'driving' the car while we waited on daddy ;)

after dropping off the car at the airport we just had awhile before we left for memphis but SLC had a cafe rio so drew was in heaven! We didnt have the whole row to ourselves again but we couldnt have asked for a better person to sit by. This little girl was so great. She has a little brother parkers age so she was soo good with him. She even let him play with her ipod. Lucky for me, he fell asleep during take off. who does that! wheels were pulling away from the tarmac and he passed on while standing leaning against my shoulder. He slept about an hour too.

We had a little bit longer of a layover in memphis but we were still in good spirit. Luckily our travel time was alot better so we got home alot earlier than we got to utah. it was nice to be home.

again, sorry for my few pictures.