March 31, 2009

On heavy rotation

..Fear and Love by We shot the moon. This CD has been rockin in the neon for the last month or so. Ever since City Knights (Drew's band) played with them in concert. So this song is my favorite. Like, of all songs out and about, this one is whats up for me. If you havent checked 'em out yet, do so. I think you'll like 'em.


March 30, 2009

Is the end coming?

Well we were informed on Sunday that our road through nursery might be coming to an end. I must say, even though i wasnt stoked to have the nursery calling, its kind of spoiled me in not having to do too much. Its very low key.

Where will this next calling take us......
the library. oh boy. haha! but like i said before, this is just a chance. they still need to find our replacements.

On the bright side, after being in the ward almost a year, maybe i'll finally be able to meet some people in it!

March 22, 2009

Our little Karabi

So We finally got a dog!! YAY! We named him Karabi after Dashboard confessional's Chris Carrabba. He's a lil yorkie mix. I think he's part shih tzu. Karabi is just so prescious! He's under a year and we're currently trying to potty train him. He's actually picking it up, but that is probably due to an incident of running into the sliding glass door. Let me explain so you dont think I abused him or something...

We have a little yard behind our aparment that we share with the neighbors. Anyway, the grass was a little long and Karabi was still jsut getting used to the place. I took him out to go potty but didnt really want to go because the grass was a little longer. So I figured he didnt need to go and we came in. Like seconds later, he decided he was guna try and pee on the carpet. Bad move. I caught him in the act, clapped real loud to get his attention and he jump and ran around me towards the back door. Well the blinds were currently open about a foot or so exposing the glass door. I guess to him it looked open and he was getting outside as fast as he could. and BAM! head first right in to it. I felt so bad for him. But on the bright side, he hasnt peed inside since. Ha!

But he's a great little guy. I just love him. He just wants to be close all the time. He doesnt bark, well, he currently does at himself in the mirror. We just got him groomed and he still doesnt recognize himself. Silly kid. Aw, he's just so great. You'd love him. I couldn't have asked for a better dog. If you want to meet him, let me know. He'd love it


March 15, 2009

sorry cara in advance

Chocolate is my alcohol.

I had a rough time at sears this weekend. So I decided I needed a little something. Luckily, red lobster was just across the street from the mall. The Chocolate Wave. Oh man is it amazing! Drew's converted. Well worth the 6 bucks per slice. Hey, I told you, rough weekend at sears.