January 20, 2010

New Job!

So after six month of a not so steady job I finally have something! Welcome to Simple Cure Massage Therapy. Let me tell you some perks, yah?

-Hourly pay...seems kinda lame but since I was only getting one massage a month basically this will be a nice pay bump.
-Great hours! most days I work 1pm-6pm. cant beat that. and even on my later days I only work until 8pm.
-I'm kind of the unofficial marketer. when I dont have a schedule massage, I'll be hitting up businesses doin chair massage.. you know, gettin the name out there
-I'll only work five days a week. no Sundays....EVER!! this is huge for me!
-I'm pretty sure the owner is mormon.
-the other therapist are kinda of in the same boat as me. same schooling and modality focus
-Drew wont hound me about getting a job anymore!!!

We're pretty stoked. This new job of mine will really help fill up our savings account... which was the biggest reason why drew wanted me to get a job. so maybe....I'll get my wish of a baby this year after all. ha! we'll see how it works out.

January 18, 2010

I'm workin through it

so lately ive been feelin kind of weird.. not like sick or anything like that. but my emotions have been a little sensitive I guess you can say. I think satan is really just tryin to get at me! that dirty.

I've kind of been comparing my self to others lately. bad idea I know. but just stuff like.. "oh they've only been married this long and are buying a house." or "they're pregnant" stuff like that. you know, people really starting their lives together. and then I feel like I'm missing out. ha! I laugh because I shouldnt feel that way and I'm not missing out. just my situation is different. thats all.

its hard to get settled when we'll be leaving for dental school next year. so it'd be silly to buy a house. and as far as the baby... i still kinda want one. I have for awhile. but I understand drew's concerns, so we're tryin to save a little more so we dont have to choose baby or dental school. we want both. so we're tryin to better prepare. but I still hope its when I was originally planning and getting pregnant this summer.

then ive been starting to feel a little depressed about silly things too. only having one sided friendships (most effort from me), not really having a job, missing out on the previously stated, and feeling like im not even noticed in my ward. silly things right? well I dont let myself get depressed. if I need a little "i feel sorry for myself" moment, I take it and move on. you're only depressed as long as you want to be depressed. or atleast thats how I see it... so i dont let myself be that way for very long.

tryin to stay positive...

some POSITIVE things going on right now:
-drew is starting his last spring semester of under-grad
-we're both healthy
-drew has a rockin job that is keepin us a float without problems
-we have the cutest little dog that keeps me company
-we get spoiled by the binghams (my relatives) every other sunday with dinner
-our pantry is full
-we're stocked with good movies
-we have family in arizona
-monthly packages from my mom
-i can make some bomb oatmeal choc. chip cookies
-theres a temple down the road from our apt
-clint (drew's brother) comes home in six months
-drew has amazing grades which will greatly help getting into dental school
-drew and i love eachother

and other things too. my mind is blanking. but see, there is stuff goin for us. I just gotta keep those negative thoughts away. and you just wait... in like ten years, we'll finally be caught up with everyone else on this whole thing people call life. haha.

January 07, 2010

A Rasmussen Christmas

so these are a little out of order but it gives you a glimpse of christmas at dave and debs in good 'ole tennessee. i did forget to take a picture of their new plantation style home and didnt get any pictures of us playin games... that something my family really likes to do
two of our attempted family photos

the girls. I actually look like my sisters. i guess there is a first time for everything

Merry Christmas from the Rasmussens. I dont know which picture is better ^

showin off our matching christmas socks

watchin jayden open presents

we each got a square of a painting and we had to recreate it

christmas day with the elders

my favorites: Abi, Jayden, and Keaton

January 02, 2010

Christmas Preview

so my camera died while I was in Tennessee over christmas break. so here are some of the pictures i did take. I'm still in the process of getting other ones from my momma. so these will just have to do for now.
some of the folks at our christmas eve dinner. deb and leandra look a lil silly..our version of the nativity. its kind of dark but the better lite one no one was lookin.
Shai was a wiseman, keaton a shepard, Abi was mary, Drew was joseph, and Paige the angel.

the grandkids on christmas eve. look at all those darn presents!

my family has a tradition of nerf gun wars with the missionaries on christmas. here are two of the contendors. haha. they were upstairs with my brother and sis-n-law and the elders and my dad were downstairs. it got pretty intense.