April 29, 2014

Science Center

LToday the Louisville science center had a play date, which means they open it up early from 8:30-9:30 for just kids under 4 and their guardians. It's free admission and you can stay all day for free too! We'd never been because p slept until Atleast 8 and were kinda slow in the mornings but he's been getting up around 7 so we went! He loved it. He just kept going from one thing to the next! We were there just under 3 hrs and he passed out on the way home.

April 28, 2014


Since it's almost may I figured I should probably blog about April. My parents decided they needed a new toy for the grand kids and wanted to get a ride on car. One day at costco I saw a corvette for $100 so I sent it to my mom. They were coming up a couple days later so we made another trip to costco. We had drew scar so it was fun getting that thing inside
We didn't bring rope so my dad ghetto rigged it with jumper cables. Hhaha we did stop at lowes and for some tie downs.
P loves this car! It handles pretty good on grass too. It has a reverse (unlike his lightning McQueen) and he did really good with it. He'd make the silliest faces while driving. Poor kid cried when my parents took the car to their house.
When daddy puts P to bed, this is what you get. The shirt he had on and a pull up. Hah but he looks so big!
I don't remember exactly how far along I was here, maybe 32-33? Trust me, it's just the picture, I wasn't this small
P likes to cuddle with Cove and get his back tickled. He seriously is always laying on my stomach
Poor little dude fell asleep on me after the gym. This never happens anymore so he was waaay tired
Yeah, I'm pretty comfy
Sometimes he just need to swing
Dressed up like daddy in his scrubs. They finally fit! He's only had them since he was like 6 months old haha
P wanted me to get out his new stroller to watch a show. He sat in there for over an hour!
Parker doesn't nap well at my parents. This particular day he just couldn't fight it anymore
Heeeee haawww (horses sound like donkeys apparently)
My boys after church
Gettin swoll @33.5 weeks
My friends Jeanette and Cassie threw me a baby "sprinkle" for baby cover. They are to nice. I was worried it'd be Abigail faux pas since I'm having the same gender again but they did a diaper/wipes raffle party. I seriously got hooked up. Ended with 680 diapers and 2476 wipes! It's amazing how things add up when you get a little here and there! So grateful
Oh just back in the swing while i was cleaning his room
I'd say I'm doing a little bit better this time around this pregnancy. I was seriously a balloon in AZ from all that heat, plus I was just huge. Gained 55 pounds remember. I'm sitting at about 40 right now
The Saturday before Easter we took P to a church around the corner from our house for a community Easter egg hunt. I wasn't feeling too great so I was sitting down during it but my dad said he had to keep telling Parker to pick up more eggs. But even still he told my dad he was done when he felt he had a good amount. Most we're full of stickers, so I kind of a bummer for mom and dad ;)
Easter Sunday we had dinner with some friends from the ward. The food was super yummy! We did another little egg hunt after we ate and P did a little better with that one. The weather was great, in the 70s! Drew and i didn't do an Easter basket for P but we did get him a tball set. Which went perfectly with the glove and ball my parents got him for my shower. He always says he needs to hit a big home run!
Decorating my arm with some or his Easter stickers
Outside enjoying the nice weather. His face haha
This kid is too silly. He thought it'd be cool to wear this bag on his head. Then he'd say, "who turned out the lights?" Hana I think he watches too much paw patrol
The pillow works just as good
Hitting the gym is getting pretty tough now a days. This is almost 35 weeks. Walking on the treadmill at a 3 kills my low back. I guess my belly can't keep up with my legs. My heart rate hardly changed, so it's pretty pointless at this point, that was only day 2 for the week and it was Fridays!
Where's Parker? This kid loves to hide, everywhere!
His new favorite spot to watch tv
We went to a BBQ at our old complex and P and Paisley still just wanted to play with each other.
I've moved to the reclined bike at the gym. It's funny to watch me with how wide I have to peddle. I don't think cove liked it today, he was squirming like crazy and ended up hiding under my ribs.

April 05, 2014


"mom do exercises on the floor with me"
No idea who these kids are but P insisted on playing with them while he was out riding his bike. "Hey guys, what chu doin?"
just testing his balance on the icy snow
doesnt he look so peaceful
I had a follow up ultrasound to check my placenta placement at 28 weeks. it was a super cool ultrasound because I got to see Cove move so much. he totally looked like a full sized baby. I saw him suck his thumb. the last picture he was chewing on his hand. I never had an ultrasound that far along with parker so it was cool to see what he'll actually look like. and from comparisons, he'll look alot of P
I ordered P some clothes for spring break. just rockin the flipflops
handsome like dad. when he wears this shirt he'll walk around saying "handsome like daddy"
the week before spring break drew went to Belize for a dental trip. caught this gem while we were facetiming

we hit another spurt of nice weather so we met Cassie and Paisley at the zoo.
P's first time on the carousel 
having too much fun on the swings
P likes to sit on this box in the gorilla exibit, while he was up there this gorilla came down from her upper ledge to check him out.
just enjoying some lunch. his face is too silly
watching the polar bear trying to hide her toy in a hole under water
the zoo totally wiped him out! I dont think we were even out of the parking lot before he fell asleep
where do you sneak off to to eat your junk food?
while at my parents for the week (while drew was in belize) we went to the store and P would pop his little foot out like this while trying on sunglasses. he did it for every pair
again did horrible napping at grandmas but he did fall asleep here at like 5pm cst

so this year for spring break we decided to actually go somewhere. We went with a couple friends down to Destin, Florida. everyone checked in on Saturday but drew didnt fly back in from Belize until like almost midnight saturday night. so we left sunday. it was rainy most of the way down but that didnt stop drew from flying! we stopped twice, only for gas and use the bathroom. we made it is 10 hours even. it was kind of interesting to see Alabama with so many evergreen trees. totally didnt expect it. but it was a welcome site to see spring had hit down south with green grass and blooming trees. like I said it had been raining so we really didnt miss much in Destin, the friends had just been inside. but we got there early enough (6pm florida time) that we walked across the street to the beach.
kind of a crazy pic of P and his friend carson

it was clearly dreary that night, it was still kind of raining. but P really liked it. he was dancing in the water. we had to pick him up to get him to leave. he just kept saying he needed to keep dancing. oh because of the stormy weather, there were alot of jellyfish on the beach. I saw them but didnt realize what they were. we all got a jellyfish review later that night as the boys looked up what kind they possibly were. luckily we didnt really see anymore the rest of the trip
Jayson reading the boys a super hero book early in the morning
P teaching his friend Lydia how to do his exercises. haha
Monday morning was still a little rainy so we decided to go to the Gulfquarium nearby. It was like right on the beach which was cool but alot of the exhibits were outside. even though they had some sort of covering over them to keep us from the rain, we were not dressed for the weather. it was actually kind of cold. Poor P was cold and getting wet from going from exhibit to exhibit. it was pretty cool but would have been better with better weather. and the big spectacle is the dolphin show but it was canceled because two of the dolphins were about to have babies any day. so that was a bummer but it made our admissions a little cheaper so that works. 
so it stopped raining but was still a overcast but we decided to go to the beach anyway. Drew and Jayson bought skimboards so theyd have some entertainment for the week.
P getting his first lesson
Parker, Lydia, and Carson winding down that night with oatmeal creme pies and the movie Planes.
the next morning we went on a little walk just trying to kill time until it warmed up a little bit. The Christensen kids each had scooters which P thought were pretty cool. only carsons (the red one) not Lydias (the pink one) he preferred to just ride on it and have me or drew push him. He did pretty good when he actually did it considering it was his first time ever on a scooter
after it warmed up we went down to the beach. The floaty ended up being over kill because P didnt want to get in the water, just wanted to play on the sand. but he had to be cool like his friends and wear his
P decided he wanted to get buried. He really liked it. Drew gave him boobs and a penis. haha. when I saw the second part I told him not to and knocked it off. P got a little upset with me and told me not to knock off his penis and told Drew to make another one. after I knocked that one off P started making his own. haha. it was really funny. I took a picture of it but I probably dont want that picture hitting the internet.
lounging on beach chairs that didnt belong to us
family beach shot. I was almost 30 weeks pregnant. 
he seriously was so content just playing in the sand. but it was super nice sand!
we met up with our neighbors and went to dinner at fudpuckers. P was puttin on a show for us
playing with alligators P got at fudpuckers the night before.
drews skimboarding skills have improved since he first tried it in August in cali
collecting seashells
the sand went a little weird this day and ended up making kind of a long puddle, not ideal for skimboarding for the guys, but the kids loved it. P would just run and run in it

Parker getting buried with Lydia and Carson
P flew a kite for the first time too.

the trip was fun. I can definitely see why so many dental students go down every spring break. Im glad we went. it gave me a better opinion of the beach/ocean as opposed to when we went in August in Cali.

"mom I floss my teeth"
his hair was getting so long I could totally give him a ponytail. he actually liked it. he'd pull it out but kept asking for another one.

just tryin out the goods costco has to offer.
we ordered our double stroller. P loves it and all his different riding options.
silly kid had to try all the apples
allergies or a cold or sinuses or something hit me hard last sunday. and I've felt like crap most of the time since. luckily P behaved Monday when I really was feeling it. he just did this most of the day.
I felt bad keeping P inside for 2 days when the weather was so nice so we went out for a little bit to play. he found an empty folgers container and was using it to collect rocks.