March 28, 2011

8 months... really?!

Where to begin, where to being. Well, first off, I've struggled with updating this mess. Everytime I wanted to I thought, no I'll wait for a picture when my belly is bigger. So before I get into recent happenings, this is me at 30 weeks below.

Okay, now on to the big stuff. I don't think you're ready for this jelly, cause my body is BELLY-licous. haha. that version of Beyonces song was in my head yesterday. weird? oh yeah! so um... (looking down in embarrassment..)

I'm 8 months pregnant kids! I have 6 weeks left - assuming he comes on time. It's still insane to me. I know I always say that it hasn't clicked in my mind that we're having a kid, but its true. It is slightly starting to... maybe. I trying to kind of force reality on me, but to be honest, it freaks me out! I'm DREADING the big hospital visit. AGH! but to help with that a little bit.. I bought myself a gift.
yep, you guessed it, a blonde pregnant lady. hahaha. okay, I'm so not funny. But I bought myself a hospital gown. seem weird, probably. but I hear that the standard ones they give you don't really fit and sometimes you have to wear two just insure you aren't flashing anyone. Plus, having something from home is supposed to make you feel more comfortable with the whole experience... which I'm currently not. so I was telling Drew I bought this yesterday and he totally wasn't liking it and thought it was a stupid purchase, then I put it on for him. He thought it was pretty cute. haha. So if you're curious into getting one or what its all about check them out here... So here is my big reveal.. (not that big if you already saw it on facebook) This is me at 34 weeks! It still catches me off guard sometimes when I see my reflection.
Man I'm huge! face, belly, and all. But I guess thats what happens when you try and grow a baby inside your body. Things have been going good though. He is a little stinker and likes to be all up in my rib cage...all the time! he doesn't really push underneath them, but right on the bottom and pushes towards my head. its quite uncomfy. I've been having alot of heart burn too. I'm talkin just about everything gives it to me... apples, cereal, chocolate, water... everything. Another kind of weird thing that has been going on is Parker likes to push on my abdominal aorta which causes me to feel my heart beating really hard in my body accompanied by pain and tightening with every pulse all the way up my spine. its painful. but Dr Beck said its normal just because of the placement of the baby. lets see, what else? Sleeping has become un-enjoyable the last couple of weeks. I can't sleep on one side too long cause my serratus anterior starts to cramp up. That poor muscle has been struggling through this. But don't forget about the lower back, sacrum, pelvis pain too. Makes sleeping oh so amazing, even with a body pillow. joking kids.

but I really shouldn't complain. My pregnancy has kinda been cake. I just worry that because it has been so easy that delivery will be horrible. something will go wrong. something will be wrong with parker. It just doesn't seem like I can 'have it all'.

In other recent happenings in the family:
-We have been accepted into 'little Provo' of Louisville. It's the apartment complex all the young mormon dental students live in. So thats exciting we'll actually have a place to live, huge worry lifted. We're still trying to finalize how we want to transport our stuff across country. A feat I don't wish on anyone. It's sooooo annoying!
-Karabi got neutered. I was so worried for him. Not that I didn't trust the vet but I didn't want him to be in pain. But let me tell ya, that little guy sure can bounce back. The first day he was a little loopy from the anesthesia but by day two he was basically back to his normal self. He's still doing great and healing nicely.
-I have two baby showers this week. I'm excited to finally know for sure what WE need to get for parker. I've been holding off on buying anything because I didn't know what people were willing to give. But now I'll finally be able to start getting ready for the little guy.
-Paige, my little sister, is coming for a visit. My mom had a free flight through southwest that needed to be used pronto and since I'm still working and can't really take time off during tax season (I work for an accountant) it just made more sense for her to come to us. Drew and I are really excited to see her! She's too funny.
-Drew has become obsessed with mountain biking. He LOVES it. He tries to go on a ride a couple times a week. He's increased his number of times he plays racquetball a week too. He's got to get all practiced up for my dad. haha.

I think that is about everything... even if its not, this post is massive! pat yourself on the back for getting through it!