May 21, 2012

Fun with Morgan

Parker loves Morgan and I'm pretty sure Morgan loves Parker. Morgan is a little girl in our complex/ward that is like a big sister to all the little kids. She gets down on there level and talks to them, tickles them, and just plays with them. Yesterday we went over for dinner and she introduced a cool new toy to P- her little sisters bouncer. Parker loved it!

May 16, 2012


So here's Parker's finished quiet book. I was told pictures don't do it justice but it will atleast give you an idea. My mom helped TONS! And made it look pretty legit. So if something looks good, chances are she did it. Enjoy!

so there is some sentimental value in the cover that was chosen- its made a left over pieces from Parker's bedding, that my mom also made. And the guitar is the same on the cover as the center of his quilt only smaller and a different color. fun fact: drew actually drew that guitar as the pattern for the quilt. needless to say, i LOVE how it all turned out!

May 15, 2012

Parker's first birthday

P's party was a success! Thanks everyone for coming! It was a rockstar theme this year. Only suiting, right? The invites were concert ticket. We had party swag consisting of sweet neon wayfaring sunglasses, guitar shaped bubble necklaces and VIP passes. It was just a pretty low key party. Just had lunch and played. I went super easy with the food, everything was pre-packaged, just how I like it. I just over bought so if you want some, come on over! The cupcake toppers were guitar suckers. I wasnt sure about leaving them in the wrapper but I'm kind of glad we did because there were a lot left over. Wish I would taken more pictures though. Oh well. I sure do love my little rockstar!
the older kids and a blast in Parker's room- in his crib! they thought it was hilarious to jump on his bed.
sorry for the group picture, people got cut off :(

May 11, 2012

Playin downtown

Drews brother-Clint and wife Alexis are in town to play for a couple days. Today drew wanted to show off his school to them (my first time to see it too) so we headed downtown to check it out. We passed a dude standing in the middle of the road. By the time we came out he was restrained on a gurney and being loaded in an ambulance. Just another day in downtown Louisville. Ha. Then we went to Lynn's paradise cafe. The scene is something else. But it was cute- a little eccentric but cute. Off to the river tomorrow.

May 07, 2012

Cousin time

P had some time with his cousins this last weekend. This is Harrison. Almost exactly nine months younger than P. HC is catching up though. Nine months younger but only about 6 lbs lighter. Those darn rasmussens ;)

May 01, 2012

The final pages

The quiet book is done! Well it will be completely done by next week. Just need to piece the pages together and add a cove, but I need my mom for that. Good thing we go down this week! Final pics to come