July 29, 2009

Dave and Deb

So as some of you know, my mom came to Arizona last week. I had a cousin getting married so she came to help, but hung out that whole week. She's pretty rockin. Pictures from the trip are to come later. But here's a slide show my sister did for my parents 30th anniversary. Look for me, I'm the cute one ;)

July 15, 2009

A glimpse of Drew's 23rd

We went to famous Dave's on drew's bday with his fam. Wilbur was there so we snapped up a pic with him

Then we went back to the apt for some cake and ice cream.

The next day we went bowling with his posse. Alisha brought mustaches in honor of the birthday boy

Drew looking hard- core with a few of his things Check the handle bar mustache

July 06, 2009


so this weekend we went to New Mexico. We didnt do too
much just kinda hung out with some homies, got soaked in
rain, eat some super hot mexican food, saw some people
smoke pot, lots of booze (we didnt drink, no worries), and
we watched a crazy A roman candle war. that was our
weekend. Happy 4th everybody!