August 27, 2010

Our future

could start next week! Drew has his first dental school interview a week from today (Sept 3rd) in Cleveland, Ohio at Case Western! I can't believe that we are finally at this stage in life. I swear it seemed like we would never reach it! And I kinda have a feeling this might be it. We're gunna end up in Ohio. Which wouldn't be horrible, my brother and his family would only be 2-3 hours away. So that could be super fun since we only see them once a year if that. We'll see.

I'm still a little sad I'll be spending my birthday alone... but maybe someone has some ideas or activities for that day or someone who would want to spend it with me...;) please please please.

I won't lie though, I'm totally one of those girls who feels entitled on my birthday. I've never worked on my birthday (and sure dont plan to start this year). To me, it's just a day to relax and get pampered! LOVE IT! I've already gotten two presents from my lovey. The 3rd book of the Hunger Games- Mockingjay. He also surprised me with a new laptop battery and charger. Might seem like a silly gift but my battery was short and it would only last like 3 minutes without being pulled in and my charger just died too. So I was excited to finally have both!

Welp, I'll keep you posted on school and life and all our what-nots.

August 17, 2010

Sick of this yet?

WE GOT ANOTHER ONE!! Drew received another interview invite! This one is a little closer too!

October 1st is the interview date Drew set up. He will be flying to this one, but It would only save us $50 bucks to drive so, might as well fly. that way he doesnt have to take as much work off!
So something about UNLV we're not super pumped about is they recently spiked! tuition for out of state. I think it's over $200,000 now! Yeah, holy smokes!
Well, we're just super excited to be at this stage in life, FINALLY! We're very thankful for Drew's smarts and being able to give us options with our future!

August 11, 2010

Number 2 goes to..

Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine! This last week we got another one!! We're kinda excited, can ya tell?! So this interview is set up for Sept 28th (earliest date available)
Nice to not have to shell out tons of money for this interview. Just the price of gas since it's only like an hour away from us.
Wow, it just still amazes me how life is finally starting to get going for us. It's only gunna get faster, so hold on tight!

August 05, 2010

And the first interview goes to....

Yay!! Drew received his first interview invite two weeks ago to Case Western. For those of you who don't know... it's in Cleveland...OHIO! Mixed emotions on the location but super pumped for the interview! Just so you have an idea of the stats for this place, last entering class had almost 3,000 applicants! They only interviewed 125. And only except 61 of those for out of state seats!

So basically, Drew is starting off huge! Not to mention he as an AMAZING!! contact there. So good that this contact will be picking Drew up the morning of the interview from his Hotel, taking him to the interview, Interviewing him, and taking him to the airport after.

I don't know about you, but I don't know too many people who get rides to and from an interview by the person DOING the interview!

Needless to say, Case would be luck to have him! We'll keep you posted!

P.S. I forgot to mention something, Drew will be flying out Sept 2nd (my birthday) to go to his interview on the 3rd. Cleveland, you better be worth my husband missing my birthday!