July 23, 2012

to grandmothers house we go

Last week P and I went down to my parents. Yes I know we were just there like two weeks before but the cousins were coming! I love when Parker gets to spend time with his cousins! He just loves them! And I figured itd be super fun since he could now follow them around. It was super fun, Parker acted a little bit needy and fussy almost the entire time and ate horribly, but other than that, great! First time I had made the 2 hr 20 min drive with a very squirmy Parker, he surprisingly did awesome! He fussed for like two seconds towards the end so I just turned on yo gabba gabba and we were good! I think his new seat helped too. Yep, he's all grown up and forward facing and everything! When we were at target the other day looking at seats I let him sit in one like this just to see what he'd do. He looked so happy to be in it like he was a big boy! He actually started to cry when I made him get out. so that is a big part of why we went with this one.

trying out his new seat before we put it in the car

on the way to grandmas!

look how big Harrison is getting!! I guess it makes sense, he is 5 months now!

Parker LOVE LOVE LOVES to swing! We were outside sooo much so he could swing.

cousin swing time (P was moving, just caught mid swing)

he also loved this hose nozzle. everytime we were outside he'd go looking for it.

cousins + wagon = awesome!

playin blocks with Keaton!

Harrison just chillin on the bed watching

July 21, 2012

playing catch up

so there are some happenings from a couple weeks ago.
Parker loves to hangout between the couch and the wall

we bought a grill!! this is Parker cruisin' for grills at Lowes

Paigey stayed the night inbetween her being a counselor at EFY. P loves P, and his corn on the cob, of course

such a cute little smile!

so the beginning of July was my moms birthday and the 4th of July and Drew had some time off so we took a short trip down to my parents.
celebrating grandma's birthday and a not so good mexican restaurant
4th of July, Parker LOVES watermelon, fireworks- not so much

playing peek-a-boo on grandmas playground

Parker gets a little unstable when he's sleepy.

Parker got another haircut! this time it was really needed. if you remember he was starting to get a mullet in the back and his bangs were basically in his eyes. but dont worry, its still long!

Parker showin off his new dancing skills!

now that P is done nursing, we've gotten alot better at brushing his teeth. he LOVES to brush his teeth- makin daddy proud!

Drew's birthday dinner- P really liked the chocolate frosting on the cake.

playing in his closet trying on his hat from grandma S

Parker likes to climb on my back if I'm ever on the floor
Parker bouncing 

lookin good ;)

this is P when he gets tired. thumb in mouth, blanket tag in hand.

man I have one super fly son! ready to go swimming!

I had deflated his beach ball to walk home from the pool. Once we got back to the house he put the opening in his mouth and started huffin and puffin trying to blow it up! he's so smart!

daddy makes the best horse!