June 21, 2010


Thats right, the week has arrived. Drew takes the 'big one' Friday @ noon. I cant believe its been 6 weeks already. Luckily for both of us it went super fast! We're soooo ready for this test to be over! But don't worry, Drew will do amazing! But sending those positive vibes wouldn't hurt ;)

We're gunna celebrate this ordeal finally being over, where else but at Oreganos! Come party too, I'm not sure which location or what the exact time will be, but get at me as that day comes closer.

AND!! Our lovely friends will be providing us with a lake trip next Tuesday. Thats right, a full day of Drew not studying or working. Oh it will be glorious! (but I'm not inviting you to this. sorry. its not my place to invite people, since we were the ones invited in the first place. sorry)

AND!!!! We're going to Tennessee! 4th of July here we come. I havent seen fireworks since summer of '07 when I lived in Utah. Its been even longer for Drew since his last time was on his mission in the midwest. We're super excited. We'll be spending most of our time here (see below) at what I like to call the Rasmussen Plantation. Comes equiped with a large pond in front with a deck on 18 acres. And of course, amazing home cooking from non other than Deb. Oh man I'm so excited!

But the party wont stop once we get back. Nope, it'll be Drews 24th Birthday that week and the following week Clint comes home! Wahoo!!

Yay for summer finally finding the Solomons!

June 18, 2010

Maybe one day..

..I'll have a two sided friendship. I love how once I stop putting forth effort in a friendship it just dies, like it never existed. I guess thats just how it rolls in my family. Until then, I have the two best guys by my side.Karabi, of course

and my lastest, Wentworth Miller aka Michael Scofield of Prison Break.

Yep, thats right. Thats all the interaction I get ladies and gentlemen. Drew is still bascially out of the picture for another week until he takes his test. Until then.... I'm enjoying the company I do have ;)

June 05, 2010

106 and rising

So welcome to Arizona. The mercy of cooler weather is officially over. Well, it actually ended like a week ago. There are no more chances of crazy freak cold fronts from Utah. Not for a couple of months atleast.

One way to beat the heat, lay in a pool on a raft and watch TV of course!! Oh the life I live... (for a short time) I've been house/ dog sitting for a friend of a friend. Its a pretty sweet hookup and its all mine..until Wednesday. And I must say, the pay aint too shabby either ;) Man I'm spoiled with this extra curricular activity.

Drew has officially applied to Dental School. One if these could be a possible future:

Midwestern -Arizona
ASDOH (A.T. Still) - Arizona
OU- Oklahoma
Louisville - Kentucky
Case Western - Ohio
University of Colorado - Colorado
OHSU- Oregon
UoP- California
UNLV- Nevada
VCU- Virginia
UK- Kentucky

(yes, i did edit this list. I forgot some. and this is not in the order or preference either btw. AND! Drew told me he has not 'officially' applied. he's still working on the application.)

June 02, 2010

June brings me....

....Cornelius the Cow! Isnt he a cutie?! So other June happenings include Drew applying for Dental school.... TOMORROW!! CRAZY! Also, Davey (my dad) has a job interview in Idaho tomorrow. Keep those good vibes headed our way!

Things have been pretty crazy at work. We were running a special and it got insane! like.. 18 i think last week. Which probably doesnt seem like that many to you guys but when the weeks before I averaged like 3-5 for the week, 18 is tonS!! But you can image how great my paycheck was ;)

Welp, thats about it in our lives right now. Oh yeah, D-Day is June 25th. send good vibes for that too! thanks!!