March 26, 2013

RS awards

Tonight our ward had the Relief Society birthday party. We celebrated in the form of an awards ceremony. We were supposed to come in our best dress/formal wear. The young men served us dinner and we were each given an award for different things. The presidency had us fill out a questionnaire about ourselves with they used towards the awards. I don't know if I forgot a word or if they looked over a word but my award was the Mormon WWF. They stated that I was on the wrestling team in high school. Which I guess technically I was., but not as a wrestler. To clarify, I was a manager: I took score, ran tournaments, ran a video camera, gave massages, flirted with boys, you know that kind of stuff. Haha I did correct them but it was still funny.

At the bottom of the award there was a quote by Pres Monson that says "believe you are a daughter of Heavenly Father, that He loves you, and that you are here for a glorious purpose- to gain your eternal salvation"

Anyone recognize my dress? Yep it's my sophomore year prom dress. It fits just fine too. Obviously my body is shaped slightly different now, but pretty proud it fits.

March 24, 2013

Spring break

This week was spring break for U of L. Because we're cool we went down to my parents for the week. The weather was less than spring break worthy. Drew likes to bring up that last spring break he was wearing shorts. Oh silly Kentucky. really makes me wish we would of followed the trend and gone to florida!

Anyway if you remember from last year, a week at my parents means some serious crafting. Last year was P's quiet book. This year I got a few other ideas from Pinterest.

We've been working with Parker on colors lately. He can say all the names and can point a few (mostly his favor-yellow, and close second- pink) Parker decorated the canister for the pipe cleaner color sorting.

 He's not really into the clothes pin sorting yet. He hasn't really gotten the hang of them but he likes to pretend the color circle is a steering wheel. P also likes to put it on the ground, stand on it and spin.

I thought these little square animals were kinda cute. Parker is starting to get into singing songs, or rather listening to songs, so I thought these could be fun for 'old macdonald' plus he just likes to point out animals and make their noises.

This pocket fishing came looked like a potential winner for sacrament meeting. He knew what to do from practicing with his fishing game puzzle.

I still have one more craft I want to put together for Parker that is a shape sorter. That's another thing we are working on.

But spring break was relaxing. Poor drew was sick most of the time. But relaxing for me cause P is obsessed with grandma and papa and only wanted them :)

March 15, 2013

Playing catch up

Picking up where we left off:

Parker is such a silly kid! He is currently obsessed with always holding something. here both hands are full and mouth while in a trance watching yo gabba.

While little man was kind of sick, instead of going to the YMCA and potentially exposing him to others and others to him, we tried the gym at the clubhouse. He did okay for the most part but he just kept wanting me to come in and play with him in the playroom (which has a half wall so you can see them and they can see you)

I decided I was done with being pasty. I needed to get a jump start on my summer tan. The clubhouse offers free tanning. So I decided to go for like 6 minutes. no big. I can handle it. The bed seriously did not even warm up. it was cold to the touch. So I was telling the office girl they might need to get it serviced. She suggested maybe trying it again just to see. Well stupid me, I did. The bed hadnt been used yet for the day so it didnt get super hot. It did heat up the second time and boy was I feeling it later!! my poor face was toasted! well my whole body was! especially my bum! but because they were new bulbs and I'm pretty sure not all of them were new, I got quite the funny burn.

Parker just likes to hang out on the floor in the kitchen. not too sure why

had to hit the tub again

while at my parents for a long weekend I came across the left picture in Shais wedding book from Nov '11. I think that is what prompted me to take my "after" picture. Its crazy how much can change in 15 months. thats atleast a 20 pound difference and multiple inches right there. agian, more on that later.

oh I love this kid. He is starting to like to play dress up. or atleast put on items that he doesnt usually wear. these are sunglasses from his birthday party last year just with the lens popped out. what a little hipster.

while at my parents house my mom got Parker to get a rolled up piece of lunch meat. Previously I had to rip it in to pieces for him, now he wont eat it any other way than in tact. This morning he wanted lunch meat for breakfast. Thats all he wanted too.

we still play in the car from time to time. He now has to have the keys in the ignition and change CDs like 50 times.

One morning was particularly cold outside so I asked Parker if he wanted to wear his mittens, boy was that kid excited to wear these! I guess I was too because before that day he never would let me put them on him and I always felt bad for his freezing fingers.

He was so silly with them on. I dont know if he thought he just couldnt move his fingers or what but he just kept his hands straight while wearing them

Parker has a new found love for Dora the Explorer. Can you tell he's a little excited?

A week ago this last sunday P had a fever and stayed home with daddy who also wasnt feelin so. I think he missed me because he made sure to give me lots of cuddles the rest of the day.

So we think the fever was from "boy issues" so he spent a lot of the next day just airing it out.

Parker and Brobee have recently rekindled their friendship

Even the next day Parker still loved him and gave him lots of hugs.

The weather had been so bi-polar lately. Last week we got snow. We actually got to watch it change from rain to snow! something that I've never really seen before. Drew has never really just sat and watched it snow so he seriously sat like this for almost an hour. (the pic was while the rain was changing to snow)

Parker thinks its pretty cool to wear daddy's stuff and makes sure to tell you that its daddys too.

chillin' out max and relaxin' all cool...while watching dora.

working on his handyman skills

Parker had his first ice cream sandwich the other day. thats one awesome mustache huh!

Sunday we had nice weather again so we took out the bike. Clearly P was cruisin for chicks. sadly there were only boys at the playground.

Once we came in from the park we skyped with drews family. Parker is always such a little performer when we skype with someone. He found his sunglasses and started modeling.

Drew and I love this picture. We think he looks like he should be on the cover for some west coast kids clothing company ad or just out on a skateboard. 

this kid is pretty legit

so as you can see, our lives arent super exciting. but little P man, hes hilarious. I hope youve enjoyed watching his little personality

March 13, 2013

Hard to start again

so its been....awhile since I last blogged. I'm just going to pick up where I left off from my phone picture. Valentines day. I decided I was going to make Drew a giant cookie for vday. I even told him that I didnt care if he wanted it or not because I wanted it! It didnt look amazing, but I think I did an okay job.

Parker wanted that cookie so bad all day. I told him it was daddys cookie so we had to wait for him to get home from school. When Drew walked through the door that evening, Parker looked at him then yelled "COOKIE!" and took off for the table.  We made the poor thing wait until after we had dinner. (below pic totally not staged either)

one morning Drew left me a helpful amount of toilet paper. I mean seriously, what can you even do with that?!

Parker decided that the cool place to play was in his tub, empty and fully clothed. He actually stayed in there for awhile

After our last trip to Ohio, my sister-in-law sent home a lego table and chairs for P. He loves it! He plays with it everyday! I just thought this face was too funny.

As you can imagine, this is not an unfamiliar scene of Drew studying. Sometimes Parker pretends he cares and will "study" with him.

I took my first full body picture by myself in oh, I dont know, maybe a year and a half. I just feel silly taking self shots now. This is kind of my "after" picture I guess. at this point I was down atleast 67 pounds. more on that later.

The sun actually decided to visit us here in Kentucky! So P and I took advantage of it and played at the park for a while. It was super exciting for P because it was his first time out since his sickness and being cooped up inside for almost 3 weeks!

It seriously took him 2 minutes after laying down on my bed to fall asleep after playing at the park.

It was so awesome outside that day that we went back to the park after daddy got home.

And even after we came in from the park, we played on the porch for awhile. It was like Parker was scared if he ever went in, hed never be able to go back outside again.

Then we came in and watched Tarzan and had popcorn.

eh, thats a good stopping place for now.