September 17, 2010

5 & 6

First off, Drew was disappointed with me for not putting the logo of AT Still up. so there you go!
AT Still interview Sept 23rd

And now for the latest invites! He got one for Louisville this last Wednesday, I think it was.
Louisville interview is October 22nd

Then on Thursday he got an interview invite to Colorado! His friend Ben also received an invite there so they are gunna travel together.

Colorado interview will be November 2nd.

I'm just so proud of Drew! Good thing I married a smart one ;)

September 14, 2010

Case interview and #4

So Sept 3rd Drew had his Case Western interview in Cleveland, Ohio. It went great. Everyone was super chill and nice. He loved it! He loved everything, the school, the people, the staff, the city. Everything! He met a couple people from Mesa which was kinda cool, we know know a lot of the same people as them. One thing I think is cool is that like every other student is LDS. So that could be fun.

I dont know, I still think Ohio is where we'll end up. but we'll see.

Drew also recently received an interview invite to AT Still! He has the interview next week the 23rd. Um, no comment on that, but we'll see how it goes.

Either way, we're excited again that life is finally picking up and we're getting that much closer to our long term goals.

Birthday overview

So about two weeks on Thursday the 2nd was my 23rd birthday. The week for me started off that Monday when I received a package from my family!

These are my goodies from that! My cookie jar lid, money, swedish fish, peanut butter m&ms, sandals and earrings from paige, heart shaped ice tray, egg slicer, colorful bag clips, gum... and i think thats it??

A day later I got a package from my brothers family. They sent a super sweet watch made of safety pins and a cool book to fill with family history as we prepare to start our own family.

Tuesday we went Oreganos with Drew's family.

On the morning of my birthday I took Drew to the airport for his dental school interview in Cleveland. Once I got back and started getting ready I found this little bugger on my bed!
I was nice to it, I drowned it. haha.

after dealing with that I treated myself to a pedicure and some shopping. I think I might have even cleaned the house. And just chilled out a little bit. Then my dear friends Kelly and Bobbie invited me out to dinner with them to Chili's.

Overall, it was an alright birthday, besides the fact that my husband wasnt here.

Cookie Jar Lid update

I've been a little behind on blogging lately. Especially with my Deb-made cookie jar lids. Here are the most recent:

^July ^

^August^ (we brake for cookies)
September^ (Friends and Cookies make life bearable)