January 25, 2011

Gettin' on up there

so, this is me at 25 weeks + 3 days. I dont think this picture even comes close to doing my belly justice. It's large, trust me.
it's crazy to think I'm 6 months pregnant and coming to the end of my 2nd trimester! holy smokes! Well, its like out of no where Parker decided he needed to put on some poundage (real word?) I'm sure looking like that anyway.

Last week I had a prenatal appointment. All is well. Little man is measuring on schedule and heart beat/ blood pressure is great. I finally broke down and asked how much I've gained so far..... you ready for this..... 14 pounds! AGH! SAD DAY! Dr. Beck even brought it up in the appointment, "you put on a bit of weight this month", me freaking out, "not like extreme though right?" "no, you've gained 14 pounds so far so you're still good. you haven't really gained up to this point so you're just making up for it now" STILL!! then later that day Drew and I were leaving walmart and I caught a glimpse of my reflection, I wanted to cry. I had looser fitting pants on so my thighs looked massive! and of course, my belly was bulging.

I get that you gain weight, thats fine. I've done so gradually so far. (no stretch marks yet) So I'm okay with this. But I seriously have the shortest upper body ever and the belly is getting large... there isnt much room. I swear I'm busting out over my pelvis on the sides because there is seriously like an inch max between my pelvis and rib cage. It looks a little funny to me.

Parker's movement has intensified. It's not painful, just big movements. Yesterday at work I was just sitting at my desk and my belly jumped! and again! a HUGE jump too. And he's been all over the place too. Before he would chill out on the left side and I could feel him around my belly button. Now, he's all over the place. Left side, top side, a little on the right, and he loves to stand on my bladder!

Oh joys of pregnancy. Ha!

In other news, I LOVE that Drew has this semester off before Dental school. I get to see him sooo much more! We get up around the same time. Get off work around the same time. I love having him to myself (most days) from 5pm until I go to bed. LOVE IT! I needed this time before things get crazy with the baby and moving and such. Oh, and we might have found a place to live in Louisville. We're on the waiting list so hopefully we'll get in. It's basically little Provo. Tons of LDS couples with little ones, all in dental school, all in the same ward. It'll be great. Atleast for the first year. Then we're gunna look for a better deal on a place to live. But still, it will be sooo nice to know where we'll be living, less stress for me.

Here's to.... getting through another week.

January 09, 2011

23 Weeks huge

okay this last one isnt real. well, clearly its me, but I'm pushing my belly out as far as I could. so i'm not THAT big yet.

Well, I'm over half way and just now posted a picture. FAIL! Well, its the first one I've taken.

So like I was saying in my last post, we did a family baby shower over break while my parents and sisters were in town. I dont have any pictures from the shower itself, my mom took some but they've been moving so it'll be awhile until I get those. Here are some photos of some cute things I got:
a bad pictures, but my mom made this diaper cake for the shower. Notice the little guitar in the bears arms

'Daddy's rockstar'

'Mommy's little prince'

Parker also received:
a baby bath
lots of soaps, lotions, shampoos
burp rags
stocking hats- is that what they are called?
receiving blankets
a homemade blanket from grandma Geneva
baby book
his future baby blessing outfit
onesies, outfits, shirts, pants, etc
gift cards
baby monitors
and a few other things
Mommy got a pregnancy pillow!!

We have two more baby showers (yes, we're having 3 total) so hopefully we can get stocked up for Parker.

Thanks everyone who came and for all the awesome stuff for Parker!

Christmas '10

So clearly I'm slow since I'm just now posting about christmas. But this year we were in Arizona for christmas. It went alot better than I though it would. I was stressing just a little bit about it. Just note though, I suck a pictures now a days and have like non. But I'll give you a run down of the holiday.

Dec 18- we went to the Solomon christmas party. This was my traditional christmas dinner, you know, ham, funeral potatoes and such. My family was in town at this time so they came too. Deb made her bomb cinnamon rolls and favorite dessert.
Dec 20- my family threw me a baby shower. but that will be more in the next post.
Dec 24- was Drews family christmas. We did the Solomon/Williams tradition christmas dinner = Mexican food. It was alright, haha. We made gingerbread houses before. We did presents after we ate. Drew's parents got us a sweet cisco Flip video camera. Ya know, to keep them up to date with happenings with Parker since he'll be across the country from them. It looks like this below
Dec 25- Drew, Clint, and I did stockings and presents at our house. We opened from eachother and from my family. We cleaned up, lemme tell ya! We got some super cool stuff.

Drew got:
a new, much needed pillow
new socks
the new Office season
Believing Christ book
and some other stuff I cant think of

3 super sweet cardigans
Mindy Gledhill cd
ASU shirt
new socks
signed Greg Olsen calendar
a large metal 'S'
temple book
and other stuff I cant think of

a hand made christmas box from my dad- I need to take a picture of this
new pans for cinnamon rolls
homemade deer jerky
a collection of stories for the 24 days of christmas- passed down from my grandma
and other things i can't remember. we'll blame my blank in recalling info on being pregnant. but our main gift from my parents this year was a SWEET! glider for Parkers nursery. It's in our living room right now since he doesnt have a nursery yet.

that was pretty much our holiday. We did hang out with friends on New Year's Eve. Went to Red Robin and played alot of games. But apparently, I wasnt a good sport that night. Meh, what can ya go.

Here's to 2011