December 10, 2010

"My old Kentucky home"

BIG NEWS! Our lives are changing! We've made our decision on which dental school to attend!

Lets see if you can guess...

So my dad was offered the job in Russell Springs, KY (its the one he's been tryin to get for the last month + or so.) IF you remember from a previous post, that would put them TWO HOURS from us if we went to Louisville. so Guess what.... we're going to LOUISVILLE!!
We're super pumped!

When my mom called Wednesday with the news about my dad, Drew did a little dance and said... "we're going to louisville!" It was decided. In days since we started receiving acceptances, his thoughts were starting to focus. Colorado was built up in his mind because of the closeness to the mountains = snowboarding. Well we didn't hear from Colorado. You know I had been pulling for Louisville for awhile, so the seed was planted in Drews mind. And he started realizing that it was actually his favorite school, "it's LEGIT"

So there ya go. I'm gunna pop out a baby and a month later we'll be on the rode to our cross country home. It still doesn't seem real. Any of it. But I feel so so so blessed. Mostly because everything I wanted, is happening ;).

^^our new home^^

December 06, 2010

18 weeks and Kentucky bound?

Yes, that is a question mark. As some of you know from facebook, this last week was the real deal. December 1st was the long awaited day, beginning of Dental school acceptances! We got pretty lucky, I must say. Here's how we did.

-University of Louisville
-Case Western
-Oklahoma University

Louisville started us off, Tuesday Nov 30 at exactly 12:01 am their time. In case any of you have forgotten, Louisville in my number one choice! So hearing from them first.. it was great!

Then I think the rest of the schools went in that order. Not too sure. UNLV didnt accept him on this round, but didn't reject him either. I could care less about that school, I dont want to live in Vegas.

But Drew did say, more than likely, we're going to LOUISVILLE! WAHOO! I dont know about him, but me and my family are pumped about that! Now we just need to get Davey in Kentucky too.

So I am 18 weeks as of yesterday. Things are still going great. No sickness. I do have discomfort sleeping so hopefully santa brings me that quality prego pillow I've been asking for ;) I still haven't felt little Parker move yet, but I'm sure he's in there moving. He is Drew's son after all, so I'm sure he can't sit still. I have another doctors appointment in two weeks so hopefully everything is still according to plan!

Oh, and I think I'm getting my bump finally. ha! people say I'm not, but I take that as them calling me fat pre-pregnancy. I'm sorry, but I dont think my belly was stickin out like this before. haha. I need to get a belly picture taken. ha, we'll see how well that'll work out.