August 26, 2009


so tonight was my first night of my book of mormon institute class. I really like the teacher. Theres a girl in there that might cause some problems but the teacher is real chill so itll work out. I like bein able to leave with stuff I didnt know before I went. Thats my favorite. So after class they had pizza and such. At first I was debating on whether I wanted to stay or not. I did end up staying and inviting myself to a table. I just didnt really felt like I belonged. they are all college students, single college students. I had announced that I was married and it was like a red flag went up. I dont regret being married, I just feel out of place at institute. But you know, I'm there to learn. Increase my spirituality. Not "fit in" I guess I'm right back in to the fellowshipping circle. ha! thats the only way I can meet people I swear. No one reaches out to me.

Also today I got a crown put on my front tooth. That tooth has been giving me problems for years. so it was about time. And since we finally have dental insurance I took advantage. I dont really like the temperary tooth, but what can you do. the color looks tons better. He also trimmed back the gums on that tooth. I had some excess, but thats what is makin it look so bad right now. I'll do a before and after pic later. Once my gums are so red and swollen.

But yep! thats what's up.

August 13, 2009

Utah Highlights

here are some of my favorite parts of our current trip to utah! Above: we were able to go to the SLC temple for a live session. It was awesome to be able to go for the first time in awhile. We were also able to go to the Timpanogos Temple for our friends sealing. See below.

The man and lady of the weekend! Drews trainer Briant got married to this cutie, Camille on tuesday. The whole reason for the trip. congrats you guys

Drew's companion, Kyle, came to visit us. He brought his cruiser! So right when he walked in the door I told him he was gunna be giving me a ride on it later. It was soo much fun. I havent riden on one since summer '07. thanks Kyle!

while hanging out with another one of drews companions, we hit up Juice Press (only the best smoothie place ever) and Ernies Sports Deli for some rockin sandwiches.

We got to go to Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory (twice actually) for their AAMMMAAAZZZING carmel apples. The one I have here has carmel, chocolate, white chocolate, tiger butter, marshmellows, and rice krispys. its my favorite ever!

As you can see, we had a pretty good time. We stayed with drews high school friends, Alex and Karina in West Jordan. It was fun hangin out with them. We saw a couple more mission friends, even both mission presidents. i was able to see Jana. And Kyle from above took us out for breakfast to One Man Band. Anyone that goes to utah, I would recommend it. Cheaper breakfast but definately not lacking in quality. Oh, and drew actually admitted to liking utah. thats HUGE!

August 06, 2009

Old photos

so like I said in my last post, I've been organizing things. During such I came across some older pictures. Mind you, they are only from the last couple years. All others are at my parents house. But here are a couple I found that I thought were kinda fun.After my family moved to Tennessee we would visit our old lives. this particular visit was right before my friend Cameron was to head off on his mission. So my mom, paige, and myself took him out to lunch. Here we are reenacting the airport scene from Saturdays Warriors.

this picture is of me and Kira. I dont really remember how old we are. But I'm pretty sure it was taken on the campus of Pitt-State in Kansas. We had a Bi-Stake youth conference there one year. Its actually a pretty classic photo. We both look pretty good, too.

Yes, that is one lovely oldsmobile I'm sitting on. One week senior year, my parents went out of town or something leaving me and paige home alone. No big. Except the week they decided to go, my car, Cavi, decided she was gunna freak out and start smoking! big problems! and for some reason both of my parents cars were gone too leaving us without transportation during the school semester. so we got in touch with our family mechanic and he gave us this beauty as a longer. Let me tell ya, we looked pretty rockin rollin up in the thing to school.

August 03, 2009

Memory Lane

so after a weekend of thrift store shopping, I decided I would go through my closet and see if there was anything I could donate to D.I. Well I got a good sized box of clothes/shoes. Then I started organizing this cabinet deal I have in my closet that has school books, pictures from the years and just stuff. So I have tons and tons of pictures. Alot were junk ones of people I dont even remember from college years. But I did make a pile that I'll eventually make a post with. I just wanted to share a message from my dad on my 19th birthday card.

"We have lost count of the number of boys who have come in and out of your life... keep learning from them and you will someday find the keeper."

I just think its too funny. I did go through quite alot of boys that summer, but that was only the beginning.. hahaha. But you know, I did learn alot. And it was so many mostly because I bounced back very fast. Ha! But the important thing is I found my keeper, Drew.

Haha. Just a little random update from me. I'll post some pictures soon.