July 14, 2011

Come look how cute I am!

So basically I'm a failure as a picture taking/ blogging mother. seriously, I'm horrible. I havent been keeping track of anything! I make mental notes but if you know me and my memories, they kind of go missing. so I'll try and recap some stuff.

Well first off, we moved to Louisville, Kentucky for all of you who weren't paying attention. Me and Parker came out about 10 days before Drew with my parents and rocked it at their house until he g0t here. Lets start there.

This is Parker the morning we left Arizona. Drew said its his 'Let's
go to Kentucky!" face

yep, thats right, Parker slept the ENTIRE flight! all 3 and a half hours!

we stopped at auntie Paige's so she could meet parker. he seriously looks tiny in his carseat here.

just chillin at grandma's

"I don't think so mama"

deep thinker while he sleeps

our happy boy!

PArker has recently discovered his tongue. haha! he likes to stick it out all the time and try and lick you. I was kissing his cheeks one day trying to get him to smile and he tried to french me. haha. it was too funny. Oh, and he's more socially smiling now. he's quite the talker too.

oh! and he's 2 months old today!!