February 18, 2012

Valentines Day

So I got home from Ohio on Valentines Day to this from Drew:

there were peanut butter M&Ms too, but I ate those :)
Take a closer look at the card from Drew, its classic.

leave it to drew to draw mustaches, my dad even said that he thought they looked better with them.

That night we took advantage of my dad and sister being in town and went out to dinner. Famous Daves! I LOVE Famous Daves. I'm so glad that Kentucky has it! Nothing says love like St. Louis style ribs, right?

as for Drews present: a snuggie, or as my mom says a snuggly. as you can tell, he really enjoys it.

February 16, 2012

Ohio & HC

This last weekend Parker and I took our second trip to Ohio with my parents. The reasoning? To see my newest nephew of course. Harrison Cole- HC. Born thursday 2/9, 8 lbs 15 oz. and can you believe this is their smallest baby! yeah, Rasmussens are big kids. But he just seemed sooooo tiny! Its hard to believe Parker was ever that small!
Parker seemed to like Harrison. He would always crawl over to where he was on the couch and try to climb up, once someone let Parker on the couch he would just reach for him. I think maybe he was just jealous because grandma was holding Harrison instead of him. haha! They are almost exactly 9 months apart. So, they obviously knew eachother in passing. (makes me think of Saturday warriors- where the people are in heaven waiting to come down, remember that?)
the man of the weekend, Mr. HC himself
Parker liked to play with cousins. Parker and Jayden
hanging with grandma/pa, Abi, and Jay watching Up.

So while we were there Parker went swimming for the first time. He wasnt too sure how he felt about it at first. He kept his hand on me for the first couple of minutes unsure.
P & P - still not too sure
something clicked and he realized it was basically a huge bathtub! he went a little crazy splashing!
still splashing.
showing off for grandma.

because Parker is so perfect, the 5.5 hour ride home was no big deal.
this kid just cracks me up!

February 10, 2012

people in weird places

have you guys ever looked at your blog stats? like where the pageviews are coming from? Well I was looking at mine and found some viewers from some very uncommon places. I dont know how people even find my blog. Heres the list from just this week.

United states- thats a given, but alaska is on there (do I even know people in alaska?)
Moldova (I honestly don't even know where this is)

Random, right?!

throw Mexico, Netherlands, and Taiwan on there for the month views.
and for all time views add UK, South Korea, and Ukraine to the list.

seriously, how do people find this blog!

February 08, 2012

My person

So last night I was talking to Drew. I said, I hope one day I find "my person". You know the person who is like your other half, the one who gets your jokes, thinks the same as you on things, makes you laugh, the one you just like being around even when you're not doing anything. He said, 'you probably never will.' hahaha. Then he told me I already found 'my person'- him. Which is true. (I was talking more about a female friend) but he is my person. He's all of those things for me. So... in honor of that, here are some lovely photos of us.

yeah, we're pretty cool. glad you think so too ;)

A walk down memory lane..


February 01, 2012

MLK Weekend

so over Martin Luther King weekend me and Parker went down for my parents. It's always fun. We picked the right time to go because it snowed on the way down and started heavy snowing once we got there. We just hung out and played games and watched movies. I got a gym fix in plus tanning while there too! But lets move on to my favorite part- looking at my cute baby boy!

Parker climbed grandma's stairs all the way to the top by himself while I was at the gym! don't worry, someone was behind him the whole time! so he showed off for me when we got home! He was so so so hyper when he was climbing up. He would get distracted and just squill so loud! then keep climbing. blogger isn't working with the videos so just refer to my facebook for those videos.

Parker has a new found love of bathrooms! Especially the tub, probably because he loves bathtime so much! after climbing the stairs I guess he wanted another bath. ha!

eating an apple slice

sweet action shot! He was really gettin after it.

oh its so great to have my family close and able to just do random trips to see them!