January 31, 2012

Arizona visit

Since Drews family hadnt seen parker since he was a month old, it was time to go show him off! We flew to Arizona on the 27th of December. Parker was GREAT on the 4 hour flight! We had to leave at a little after 4 am from our place to catch our 6:30 flight. Luckily Parker was really good through all of that, even with still being sick. He was awake all the way to the airport and through security and stuff. But luckily he passed out before take off. Slept for awhile, played, ate, slept some more, read some books, then we were in Arizona! He was great! Didn't cry on the plane at all! The lady in front of us even said she forgot he was even there with how good he was. So I did even worse with my camera and taking pictures in Arizona, so all from the first day we were there were by my sister in law Alexis. I don't know how Drews sisters did it, but they waited for us to get there before they opened presents, they hadn't even opened their stockings!! our friends Josh and Kylee even came down to Coolidge to see us before they went out of town, we sadly didn't get a picture with them.

trying to eat a snickers, he is definitely drews son.

tryin out a new bath toy

he even loves plastic

hangin with grandma

he really liked his great grandma williams (poot)

While we were in Arizona I talked Drews mom into taking some family pictures, since the last ones we had were from Parkers baby blessing and I was still ginormous (spelling?!). While we were up in the valley got to celebrate drew's sister, Jills birthday. I don't know if Jill picked it or if we went because I LOVE it, but we went to Mesa to Oreganos! We even sat outside to enjoy the 70+ degree december weather.

I love his big blue eyes!

drew rockin his cardi I got him for christmas (I'm pumped to be at oreganos!)

my all time favorite, Alfredo the Dark!

Parker and the birthday girl

you can't go to Oreganos and not get a Pizookie! half macadamia half chocolate chip

Drew, Parker, and I made another trip to Mesa to see some friends and run around.

we met up with JT (I like to call him drews boyfriend) at non other than In-n-out!

then we headed over to see Parkers great grandma/pa Solomon. He was CRAZY while we were there. so so hyper! Just looks at these pictures. They were all taken back to back, He wouldnt sit still. hahaha!

Parker loved their fake fireplace

**Sadly this was the last time we were able to see grandma Solomon. She passed earlier this month (Parker's 8 month birthday). But we are so glad that we were able to see her over the break. We have such happy memories from that visit. We will forever love and miss her.**

We went and saw my aunt and uncle and cousins after that. Sadly I didn't get any pictures with them! But we always LOVE seeing the binghams! they were basically my substitute parents when we lived in Arizona.

We were lucky enough to spend time with these two loves of ours, Sam and Bobbie! oh how I miss them! they complete us, or atleast me.

Parker and his great grandma/pa Williams
forgive how large I look, the shirt, angle, everything was working against me here.

Parker rockin his grandpa Jay pearl snap cowboy shirt.

It was a great visit seeing friends, family, straight roads, warm 80 degree weather, and eating good food. until next time...

Christmas 2011

So this year, my parents had us for christmas. We went down there the saturday after drew was done with finals. It was good to get away and just hang out with my family. Parker was too funny the whole time we were there. Over break Parker taught himself to go from his belly to sitting position, from there he just went crazy. He started pulling himself up on things. Crawling on his hands and knees more. Just getting into everything! He's so great! We loved being with my family. We played games, watched Drew's favorite kind of movies (lifetime christmas movies ;)), get great food, did some just dance, and had a great time. We only needed Kade and Leandra + kids to make it complete. Here's some pictures from our time there, again, I sucked at havin my camera out.

Parker got a super cool musical guitar toy from his cousins.

Aunt Shai and uncle Tyler got Parker this super cute monkey towel, it even has a tail, and he loved it! look at his face!

Parker didn't really care about the opening part, but he sure loved the tissue paper and bows

poor little guy was sick on his first christmas

grandpa sharing his emmies with Parker

Drew's super sweet box for his loupes that my dad made

Drew using his exacto knife (he wanted to use it on everything) to open my big gift from him, Vera Bradley diaper bag!

twinners! I bought paige this coat for christmas and it was such a good deal I bought myself one too (from drew)
one of Drew's favorite gifts was this hardcore, double belgium waffle iron

I love parkers face in this!

yay christmas!

happy family, christmas afternoon