September 30, 2009

bye bye belly fat

so Ive turned a lil crazy against my belly. I'm just super sick of it. Drew and I were talkin the other day about an older family pic of mine and he said my cheeks were filled out more then..which I didnt completely understand since I was atleast 25 lbs lighter. So the more I thought about it, the worse I felt about it. Now I highly doubt I can lose 25 lbs. but I'm tryin for somethin! I always thought I wouldnt so much care if I had a belly as long as I didnt have love handles.. well, I have both! haha.

so my approach to fixing the problem is actually working out! huge for me! To start, I weigh myself before anything on my trusty wii fit then start some zumba. I take a class on saturday but figured I should prolly hit it up during the week as well. I found some good ones on youtube and do that for about an hour.

after that I hit up my quality workout dvds. I'll do one or two of the '10 min abs' then I'll change gears and do 30 mins of pilates (id do more but thats all there is on the dvd)

then lastly, I do free step on the wii fit (under the aerobics portion) for 30 mins.

I will take breaks occasionally and maybe have a healthy snack. So working out like crazy, eating better, and a lot less of it... hopefully I'll see some results!

September 15, 2009

the New Tooth project

Well as i have been saying for awhile, I got a new tooth, in a non-oklahoma country white trash way. haha! thats how i feel when I talk about it. but yep, I had some work done on my problematic front tooth. I hadnt been to the dentist in almost 3 years and I've gone in over that in the last one and a half. I guess I had to catch up or something.

But anyway.. the process: the big thing (besides the horrible color) was I had excess gum tissue on my bad tooth. so they did some shock stuff on it to kill the tissue then cut it away. After that they filed down my tooth to this ugly little stub that I refused to look at but accidentally saw today. (Thats when I felt way white trash) After that they made me this temp tooth outta this plastic stuff I guess. Idk. Looked kinda legit. I had that for roughly 2 and a half weeks. But today I got to go in and get the real deal. And its porcelain baby! Haha. The shape isnt as perfect as I'd like it to be but you probably cant really tell

BEFORE: note the coloring/ gum line
AFTER: the finished product

quite the improvement wouldnt you say? they look more.. adult like I guess

September 12, 2009

no pictures

I really dont like updating without posting pictures to go along with it. I have no pictures. But I knew if I didnt say a lil somethin somethin it would never happen again. So some highlights..

My birthday was last week. (no pics were taken, Im horrible i know) Didnt do alot. Drew was busy with school and work. But dont worry, he took me to dinner and Oreganos the weekend before to get it in. And I told him all I wanted for my birthday from him were flowers. He did a great job with those. My mom sent me a package that came the morning of my birthday. She sent me two tops (which I surprisingly like alot), a brownie mix, and money! You can never go wrong with money. But I should take a pic of the tops, I think you'd like 'em. After taking my time gettin ready, I went to lunch with my Aunt Karen, cousins: Jamie and her daughter, Kristen, Kelly and her two girls. It was fun and I felt pretty cool that they invited me to lunch. I've always wanted to "fit" in with them. haha. they're great! Oh and Drew left me his card to go buy the second book of the hunger games: catching fire. If you havent read the series, get after it. They are A-MAZ-ING! Thanks Cami for getting us all hooked

What else has happened? Institute is going great. I really like my teacher and learning new things about the book of mormon. Drew is full blown into school now. He'll be starting his 4 week on monday and has a lot of tests that week. He's also been checkin out some styles of dentistry. I'm pretty sure he still wants to do oral but who knows. He changes his mind every other hour with that stuff.

Speaking of denistry, I get my new tooth on tuesday! wahoo! dont freak I'm not walkin around missing a tooth. I had the starting stages of a crown done on my front tooth. See previous post. I've had a temp for the last two weeks. Its grown on me, but I really hope the new one just blows me away. I want it to look amazing! I will forsure post before and after pictures.

Nothing really happening other than that... yup!