April 28, 2010

Meet Freddie

Some of you might remember my mom's cookie jar. Sounds weird, but my mom had a cookie jar with custom, homemade cookie jar lids. She had, I'd say, atleast 20. So this last year I decided that would be a cool thing to start in our little family. so when I went to Tennessee for Christmas I asked my mom if she would help me paint one. There wasnt really time over the break but she decided to be clever with a present. She gave me package envelopes as a gift. ha! she had 11 of them. One for every month. (she did give me a lid for christmas) She let me pick out which lid I wanted to represent each month and told me she would paint it and send it to me! Super cool right! Her and my dad kind of tag team the preject. My dad cuts out the wood and my mom paints it. Here are the ones I've gotten so far.



May:Meet Freddie the Frog^^

Isnt Deb just too crafty!! Be jealous! My mom is cooler than yours! ;)
I'll keep you up to date with the lids in the upcoming months.