July 30, 2013

We moved!

So we a relocated to a different part of Louisville for the next two years of dental school. After a lot of stupid drama with management at the Terraces and them going back and forth on what the rent increase would be, we threw up the deuce and left. I really love the new place. It was just renovated before we moved in so we are the first ones to live in it, which is sooo nice! we are upstairs this time which has pros and cons. I just like the layout way better. it is slightly smaller (maybe 100 sq ft). it doesnt have quite as much storage space but thanks to my OCD-ness I had pretty much everything planned out before we moved in. I just had to get a little creative but everything fits! and surprisingly has more room than anticipated. Sorry for my attempted pano pics.
dining and living room
Parkers room
guest bath

hallway view from our bedroom door
master bedroom

walk through master closet to master bath
master bath

because my parents are champs, we had everything loaded, moved over, and mostly unpacked in less than 12 hours. 

super P and ice cream

Playing before bed

On Fathers day we had dinner at a friends and we brought drumsticks for dessert. It was Parkers first time having one and he really enjoyed it.
 haha little porker

Henrys ark

Mid June, P and I went to Henry's Ark just outside of Louisville with his buddy Sawyer. It was fun that he wasnt as afraid of the animals this trip, but he always wasnt as interested in them either. bummer. but he was alot braver with feeding them
"hop, hop, hop" it was for the bunny on the side
these peacocks were no joke! they were chasing chickens off for food.
stopped the see another bunny
the deers were suuuuper picky this day
peacock strutting its stuff... for the chickens
 this was the cutest thing!
 the best I could get of all 3 boys looking
 checking out the turtles in the pond
 P felt pretty cool that he could climb like a big boy
I had to throw carrots at the zebras to get them to come closer. (no animals were harmed)

July 25, 2013

before I can continue..

I need to just post some random pictures from my phone.
 We got park his own lawn chair. lightning mcqueen of course. he likes to hang out in it from time to time
 always has to sit in the lockers when we go to the gym
getting chicken nuggets for dinner: hard hat required
taking George on a ride. Safety first.
Parker and the tiger having a stare down. P was a little freaked after this pic
 I dont even know what he was saying but he just kept saying something over and over on this pig and laughing
 just reading a story while running errands with mommy
 I think that is sufficient for our needs ;) 
super hero!
 just resting with george and telling him stories
he kept hitting his hat.
 hanging out with daddy
being a good boyfriend and playing princesses with Paisley
 riding his bike
 i think he is just the cutest
 suctioning his own nose. haha
 just on a morning drive
this is how he throws fits sometimes
 he loves his car
he was so sweaty that I gave him a sweet mohawk. poor kid needed a haircut