March 03, 2014


oh December. always so busy. P continued to be a champ with the potty training. Seriously, this kid amazing drew and I with his smarts!
this is clearly the most comfortable way to watch a movie
just bein a sweetie.
I think Parker likes my extra padding I've put on. Especially when he's feeling super cuddly he likes to lay on my tummy
bein silly with dad
one morning P was just struggling and for some reason so was I. like he was suuuuper cranky and didnt want to go potty or eat breakfast or anything. So he had a major meltdown. I just let him and walked to the other room. Its hard to tell but he just sat there and was upset for like 10 minutes.
once he came out from that spot, he had another meltdown. isnt that seriously the saddest face ever.

while we were grocery shopping he found these snacks and really wanted them. I told him he probably wouldnt like them but he insisted. A lady close by told me that she would give him anything he wanted because he was just that cute. well, we tried them and he loved 'em! that kid loves peppermint flavor.
while sitting by P I realized that the baby and P had the same profile.

a funny story, P asked drew to get him his blanky in his room. Drew said "you go get it you little lazy punk." P replied "no you get it little punk daddy!" All said with smiles on faces, jokingly of course

So Kentucky got its first snow and it was a good amount. P was so amazed by it and loved just walking around in it.
We braved the crappy weather and went to Red Robin with friends. Drew scored a free shake and him and P shared and loved it. Parker still brings up going to Red Robin and asks to go.
after Red Robin we went to the Festival of Nativities at our old stake center. P was again in aw! He knew about Mary and Joseph and mostly baby Jesus. So he loved to point them out in all of the nativities. because they are all donated for the event, youre not supposed to touch them. but P couldnt help himself he loved them all so much! I wish I would have gotten pictures of some of them but it was awesome. they have a kids room where they can do crafts and dress up, P remember that horse from last year and went straight to it.
my MIL was working on a gift for P and needed some specific pictures from us. One was supposed to be of our family by our church building. but since the weather was so crappy we just did it inside. I mean, nothing says mormon church more than pokey walls right?
P then starting making this face during the pictures. too funny!
It had snowed more and Parker still loved it. look at that face!
We didnt have a sled, but tried to rig one up with the laundry basket. P was sooo not liking being pulled in it.
so not prepped with winter accessories. luckily we had pants and a coat but those gloves are just those thin little mittens that we doubled up and he has on rain boots! but he didnt care.
building his first snowman with daddy. Parker crashed it after the picture.
in front of the christmas tree. I too was trying to get pictures for a christmas present
he of course had to pretend to be sleeping. he even makes the "ah shu, ah shu" noises.
P started liking to play hide and seek. He picked this spot while hiding from daddy. it was no small job to get under there, especially with his big coat on. I couldnt stop laughing watching him trying to roll under there to get further and further in.
the gym had this set up as you entered and P loved it. he always had to tell me who was on santas train. he was pretending to ride too
Parker told me Reese's puffs are better from the box than a bowl.
oh this kid, he started making this face while we were talking to my mom on the phone on speaker.
I thought this was too cute, he just held on to my arm while watching a show.
lookin mighty fine.

P's silliness: "I transform into a baby then I be in your tummy. I use my watch to transform."

what, no snow?! it was even like 60 this day so we took advantage and P rode his bike outside. a few weeks before this he rediscovered his bike and will ride it up and down our hallway. hes getting really look at speed on it.

This year was my family's turn to have us from Christmas Day. Since my bro just got set up as an adult and an official doctor with a house and all, they wanted to host christmas this year. so my sis and her hubs and my parents met at our place and stayed the night and we caravaned from here. Tylers parents loaned us there van to make the ride a little more comfy. 
I'm a responsible mom and let P out of his carseat while we were driving from time to time.
out of the 10 hr drive (just under 12 with stops) he slept maybe 45 minutes, and while laying on me. I was trying to turn to help him be more comfortable hoping hed have a good nap, but because of the angle and I started getting super warm I started getting waaaaaaaay car sick. luckily not quite to the point of needing to throw up but enough that we needed to stop for awhile.
so we stopped at a mcdonalds for lunch. I had our coats packed in the suitcase because it was in the 60s when we left Louisville but traveled through a cold front and when we stopped it was in the low 30s and raining. people probably thought we were crazy.

We spent a week at my brothers house in Oklahoma. It was weird being back but at the same time didnt really feel like we were in oklahoma. I dont have much pull to it anymore. Parker LOVED being there with his cousins. and luckily they love him back. because they have 4 kids there were plenty of toys to keep him entertained. he had a couple accidents while there only because he was too distracted from playing. So we had to turn to a every 2 hr maintenance routine (made him try and go every 2 hours) to try and prevent that. We did a lot of just hanging out which was fine by me. Felt little one move for the first time while standing in a check out line at walmart. I was 18 weeks along. which was weird since I felt P around 15 weeks.
Christmas Eve we had an ugly sweater party. This is straight from my moms wardrobe, shes that cool. I got 2nd place, behind my sisters dog Karabi. haha
We read the nativity from the scriptures and my SIL had hand puppets for the parts. P thought those were pretty fun.
We always open one present christmas eve and P was pretty excited. this was from my sis Shai
she made him like ten different bow ties. all super cute. they were a little small so as you can see, P was not a fan of wearing them.
This little dog was a christmas present to Harrison (9 months younger than P) but Parker basically made claims for the remainder of the trip. it moved and barked. it was kind of annoying but P loved him.
the older kids are really in to legos. like WAY into legos. this is P watching Abi build her new Lego pool party set. He liked to play with the finished products, mostly when the kids werent paying attention.
for christmas my mom made all the grandkids matching shirts. They each had their names on the back. super cute! 

a couple days after christmas was our trip to Arizona. Luckily we flew that portion of the trip. Tulsa airport was no big deal at all. We got there a little bit earlier than usual since drew was checking his gun but seriously, it went super fast. there might have been 1 person in front of us to check in then maybe 2 at security. so we had a while to hang out. But parker liked looking at all the planes.
He liked having his own seat this trip. it did make it nicer than past flights because we didnt have to keep switching laps and trying to prevent him from bumming our row neighbor.
because we had to leave so early form my bros house we opted for doughnuts for breakfast. P of course didnt mind. lining them up.
he is too silly. he stuck a whole doughnut in his mouth and started making silly faces
we were coming close to nap time so he just laid down on the floor for awhile, never slept though.
checkin out the view. but seriously, P was a champ on that flight. He watched his new movie, Cars 2, and played with a look and find book and magnifying glass he got for christmas. He was so good. He did nap on the way to drews parents though, so close to an hour nap for the day.
killin time outside waiting for everyone to show up to grandmas for "christmas"
lovin his new lightning mcqueen hat that grandma and papa got him from cars land.
he got cars slippers too and would wear the hat and slippers every chance he got. he's trying to give me a thumbs up.
just playin a game on the table
on the way up to the valley for family pictures we drove by the new Gilbert temple. its sooo pretty, we were bummed we missed the open house by just a couple weeks.
playin at Alexis' parents house watchin on the rest of the family so we can go take pictures.

these are a couple of the family pictures we took. We went up to Saguaro Lake. I will admit, it was kind of pretty up there. On the way home I rode in the back of the van because Alexis was feeling a little car sick from the drive up. bad bad bad idea. coming down those turns and weird speeds, oh my gosh! I felt horrible!! we were supposed to go eat after we dropped clint and alexis off at their car to put Ainsley down for bed, but that didnt happen. there was some confusion with plans and P was done for the night. luckily we  (me, MIL, and P) were headed home. We didnt make it too far into the hour drive home when it hit. I told Ruth Ann I couldnt do and started looking for something in the car to throw up in. there was only a towel but I was ready. I was about to open the van door while we were moving it was getting that close to happening. luckily she got pulled over. I hardly took 2 steps out of the van before it allll came up. Earlier that day we had my favorite AZ mexican food, Mattas, lets just say its probably good I wont be having that for another year because that was soo not pretty coming up. After about 8 times and sitting and shaking in the cooler weather we continued our trip home. I dont get carsick! atleast not to the point of actually throwing up. we'll blame the pregnancy. luckily it was only carsickness and not actual lingering sickness. that was the first time I threw up this pregnancy and of course, like with P, it was not pregnancy related.
poor little P got a fever while we were there for a couple of days. he only wanted me and to constantly cuddle. 

While in Arizona I hit week 19. when I lived there the doc would do the gender ultrasound at 16 weeks, in Kentucky you have to be atleast 20. well drews dad is now an ultrasound tech so he did it for us. 
Its a boy! these arent the best pictures because drew took a pic of the screen. after Rick did the ultrasound he had his coworker come in (whos done that job for like 30 yrs) and she did the most extensive scan ever! She checked seriously everything!! all organs. openings of organs, blood flow. like whoa. basically this child is perfectly physically developed. there is nothing wrong at all. Drew kept asking, are you sure its a boy, are you sure to his dad and this coworker. she said, there is NO denying it! 
So this is little baby Cove Christian