August 24, 2013

Big boy bed

While we were in California my mom broke P in to his big boy bed. It was my little sisters the semester she lived off campus. It's just been in my parents detached garage so they said we could have it! Anyway, so they broke him in over the six day trip. It was only the mattress at their house and the side railing my mom bought. When they brought P home they brought and installed the bed. I had previously ordered bedding and washed it so we were good to go. 
Let me just tell you, this kid LOVES his new bed. He'll climb up and just hang out in it through our the day. Doesn't really like other people in it for a long visit, not even mom or dad. 
He's done really good in it too. Doesn't get out to play with toys or get in to things. He even would just stay in bed and call for me to get him up in the mornings. One morning though I was super tired and didn't go in right away so he helped himself out of bed and into our room. Not too bad other than the next couple of nights were a lot earlier. 6:20, 7, 7:30. If you don't know me well, I don't get up with him before 8 o'clock. (Yes I get up if he cries) I have a 2 yr old. We just have stuff that works for us. So anyway, after him coming in our room too early and him running out while trying to get him ready for bed, we added one of those child safety door knob covers. I guess that's what they're called. He tried maybe 2 morning with no success and just got back into his bed. Now he does t even get out of bed until I come into the room.
This kid is just too awesome. Sometimes I feel like I doubt how he'll handles things then he always does great!

August 20, 2013

Cal-i-forn-ia knows how to party

(second attempt to make this post. it deleted everything last time)

Drew and I went to California early August for one of his best friends wedding. If you dont know me well, I like to keep Parker on Louisville time when we travel and Cali is currently 3 hours different. The trip was planned to be 6 days. Sorry guys, I cant make it to your 4:30 beach wedding because its Parkers bedtime. yeah, no! So again, we're lucky enough to live close to my parents who Parker LOVES! The week before we went on the trip I started getting Parker prepped emotionally. this is the first time leaving him for an extended amount of time. So he knew he was going to grandmas. My parents picked P up from our house since we were flying out of Indianapolis (it was $700 cheaper than Louisville). I had parkers little suitcase all packed and all his things put together ready to go. When my parents got to our house he grabbed his suitcase and said, "Parker go grandmas house" and headed for the door. haha. they werent even leaving for another few hours. He was telling grandma the different toys he knew were at her house. there is a toy lawnmower that he loves, so he was asking her about it. she said its at grandmas house. P said "go get maw-mower grandmas house" and again headed for the door. that kid was ready to go!
he wasnt even sad to leave me!

like i was saying, we flew out of Indianapolis. Since our flight was at 6 am and its 2 hours away from Louisville we knew there was no way. So we got a hotel that offered park and stay. Cool thing if you didnt know, alot of hotels offer park and stay. it was only $10 more and you can leave your car up to 30 days and they'll shuttle you to and from the airport. that was a waaay better option than leaving it a pay lot.
it was soooooo early!
when we finally reached San Francisco, drew was just too excited to see Nate I guess because he acted like he wasnt with me.and this was when he was actually close to me!

We stayed in San Jose the first night. The next day was when the wedding activities started for the weekend. The bridal shower was in Santa Cruz so the boys got to go play at the beach. I didnt get to see the beach until later that day in Monterey. I'm an in-land girl. I've never been to or seen the ocean. Everyone made fun of me on this trip. But boy, we sure got me broken in. The Resort where the wedding was and that we were staying in was on the beach!! 
do I look cold? oh boy was I! it was cloudy, windy and about 60 degrees!
Drew asked me if I was going to change and I said no because I wasnt going to really get in. I rolled my pants just over my ankle and headed to put my feet in. 
the first wave was okay. then the next one came in to my knees! so I moved back so it wouldnt get me when it came back in. yeah that was good for one wave. then one came in and splashed OVER my knees!! I wasnt even anywhere close to the water! i guess the tide was coming in.
the humidity and wind super made my hair look awesome!
we finally got to meet this cutie! Little Ainsley was born after we came home from our trip to Arizona over christmas break. she was so sweet. we liked to stare at eachother. 
the boys went out to pick up a shirt and drew called and said there was dolphins!! so I hurried outside and sure enough! this isnt the best picture but there was a little family of dolphins (probably 8) in pretty shallow. it was pretty cool seeing them play in the waves
I cant believe our hotel was seriously this close to the ocean! do you like my jew curls?
so we went for mexican food for lunch the day of the wedding. Tacos California Grill. It had way good reviews on Yelp. as we were headed out, the grooms friend told us it wasnt any good. we didnt care so we still tried it. as we pulled up drew said "look at it, how could it not be good!" and boy was it!! we had some BOMB california burritos!
Drew was a groomsman. haha. this girl requested to be walked by drew. 
Alex (the grooms twin/drews other bestie) Drew and his brother Clint
yeah, I totally instagramed during their wedding...from the second row.
theyre official!! the guy performing the wedding's face is priceless!
I forget I have sunglasses on now because they are prescription. 
yay for beach weddings! silly Monterey Beach and their clouds.
Drew really liked Ainsley!

We stayed in Santa Cruz on Sunday and Drew was dying to go to the beach again. Luckily it was a little warmer up there and the best part was the sun was out!!
Drew got into skim boarding.
I really like this picture. The wave hit the board and Drew jumped so it didnt wipe him out.
we had another super early morning again when we flew home. We were staying at Nates (the groom) house in San Jose and we were flying out of San Fran with another 6 am flight. We thought they were leaving for their honeymoon in Hawaii from San Fran just a little later he was going to take us. yeah no, they were leaving from San Jose at like 9:30. so he called us a ride. not that I blame him. The dude got confused and went to the wrong house, just like a block down. haha. we had worries about getting there on time but it was fine. the worst part was when we got home after leaving at 6 am, having a layover in Denver, and driving 2 hours home- Nate and Laura got to Hawaii only 30 minutes after we got home. haha. kinda seems like we should have invested all that time and flown to hawaii too.

August 13, 2013

Parker's first movie!

So I thought it'd be fun to take P to the movies to see turbo. This was his first time ever. I wanted to go all out and get him a kids snack- drink, popcorn, and fruit snacks. He didn't even try the popcorn which is weird cause he likes popcorn. The movie was late playing and p was getting stir crazy so we went and bought m&ms. That helped for a little bit. The movie finally started! He was doing okay for a little bit but got a little scared and moved to my lap. He was freaking out, shaking and on the verge of tears. He did okay for maybe 5 more mins the. Kept saying "Parker's house, Parker's house!" So I decided we could leave. Luckily they refunded us since we last less than 30 mins. Once we got home p kept talking about the most recent scenes we watched. I explained them to him then we wanted to go back and watch it. Haha.

Later that week we decided to try the movies again. Maybe he'd do better with daddy there. We got there a little earlier to see if maybe sitting further back would help P. but by the time the movie finally started he was basically ready to go.

He was too distracted with the pre movie shows for pictures. P got passed the scenes that upset him before pretty good. He did move to drews lap towards the beginning. Mid movie or so he started getting really anxious again and moved to my lap. If a scene was on where I thought he'd be scared I just talked him through the scene. Or if something was supposed to be funny I tried to over do it with laughing to let P know it was meant to be funny. A couple times he even laughed on his own and said "that's funny" 
Success!! We made it through the whole movie! P even asked for more! Drew thought this was one of the funest things we've fine with P. drew loved to watch Parker even the movie.

August 09, 2013

In other news

P lookin super fly with his shades and new hair cut
he owned this drumstick!
getting a guitar lesson from daddy
being awesome
genius in the making
oh this kid. he stood like that for a couple minutes
lets just say thats not water P left on the couch. his little footprint, haha
enjoying the nice weather after the gym
sometimes this is how he watches tv
look how tried and LIKED hummus AANNNDD carrots
yeah he's that cool
I went to get the vacuum and when I came back this is how I found Parker. He said "Parker resting like daddy"