February 23, 2010

I think I'll name her Lucy

I got a new bike!! Isnt she SOO cute!! I've been talking about getting a bike for awhile with drew for fun and for exercise. Everything I try to do for exercise ends up hurting my knee or I hurt it doing other things and the exercise of choice just increases the pain. So we chose to try a bike! Its low impact and now drew doesnt have to slow his pace for me when he goes running. Plus, its cheaper than paying for a gym membership.

So this baby is a Huffy Cranbrook Cruiser. She's was only $84. Cant beat that!

I went to pick her up from Walmart today.. in my car. I didnt think itd be a problem because my back seats fold down. Well, she wasnt fitting. So the next thing I know, this latin guy comes walking over and offers to help. He tried putting her in a couple different ways. Yeah, it wasnt working. The handle bars just didnt want to be contained. So they stayed outside of the trunk. But he got some rope from his creepy van and made sure it was tied down nice and good. I wish I would have taken a picture of.. the secure job, the latin, and his creepy van. Either way, we got her in and home where she is hanging on our back patio.

Oh I cant wait to take her for a ride!!

February 06, 2010

In memory of..

Carl K. Rasmussen

My grandpa rejoined my grandma January 29, 2010. My whole family flew up to idaho this last week for the funeral. It went really good. I kept saying it looked like my grandpa lost 30 years and he just needed to dye his hair to look my my dad's twin. ha! oh grandpa! At the funeral itself my dad spoke along with a few others. I actually learned alot about my grandpa this week that I didnt know. For instance, he held my grandma over a cliff and said he'd drop her if she didnt say yes to his proposal. hahaha. At the cemetry he was honored with a 21 gun salute for his service in the military.

As we started to go through thing at my grandpa's house I came across this super awesome sweater. It was his high school lettering sweater. We found three different ones. Mine was the simplest looking (it was his high school one). Zane is sporting his college lettering sweater below.

Even though it was FREEZING! In idaho, it was still really good to see my family. I know I saw my parents and siblings in december but most of my cousins I havent seen in like 12 years. Well that visit willjust have to hold me over until next christmas when my family comes to arizona.

what a surprise, I still dont look like my sisters.

my family with my grandpa Harris and Geneva