June 27, 2012

Yep, you guessed it...

Another post about my favorite little guy! He is still just as silly as ever.
Parker found a new reading spot.

Waiting on mommy for church. Rockin the faux-chucks.

Parker does NOT like the vacuum. This is where I found him after I was done.

HAHAH!!! So the other day during breakfast Parker spilled his milk on his tray. He thought it only made sense to drink if off the tray! After taking some pictures I cleaned it up. He wasnt too happy about that.

Oh did I forget to tell you guys Parker is addicted to pills. Well, pill bottles atleast. I dont know if its because he sees Drew take meds for his neck everyday or what. But one day he saw drews pill bottle out of reach and he just cried and cried for it. Ha! We gave him a different one that he seems happy with. Don't worry, its just anti-nausea medicine from my cholecystectomy.

June 21, 2012


Parker LOVES books! They are like toys to him. He loves flipping the pages and pushing them around. Not to mention he loves to 'read' them! He looks at the pages and blabbers. Today he was just funny to watch, he kept changing positions to read. Ha note his leg in the air!

June 18, 2012

Parker funnies

so in case you didn't know, P is a total ham! He is just a little character. Always keeps me laughin!
this is how Parker rides piggy-back. he stayed like this for a good couple minutes walking around costco
I don't know what it is about this hamper but he has to crawl in to it everytime I fold laundry
this is how Parker was skype'n with Drews family the other day. this was a first (yes, I know his hair looks kind of mullet-like)
poor thing had conjunctivitis (note the swollen eyes) that is his eye drops in his mouth
other tid bits
he was playing on the deck and found a rolly poley- so naturally he picked it up and tried to eat it.
When feeding him food that he isnt super fond of, switch to a big spoon. it has much more appeal because it seems like you were eating it first.
He is obsessed with tags on his blanket and stuffed animals so he'll walk around the house holding them by the tag.
He likes to dance now, but only his upper body moves- swings from side to side while holding the phone.

love my little stinker binker!

June 12, 2012

Smoky Vacation

last week we had our Rasmussen reunion in gatlinburg, tennessee. Since Drew had school during the week, we met up with my parents on Sunday for me and Parker to go home with them. We hung out there for about 24 hrs before we hit the road again.
Parker loves getting in suitcases for some reason. 
a cool hangout at grandmas
loves to swing
picking black raspberries with his cousin Abi in grandma/pa's garden
playin with the cousins

While in Gatlinburg we stayed in this super nice cabin in the moutains. Equipped with a pool table, hot tub, and TV in every room. One day we did a family hike up to Laurel Falls.

I conned my parents into sitting through a presentation for 2 hours to get us 6 adult and 3 kids tickets to the aquarium for only $25 total! I would have done it but I'm not 25. But we're super thankful that they sacrificed their morning for us to go! Parker LOVED it!! He was just hitting the glass in excitement and squilling like crazy! I wish I would have filmed him there- it was hilarious!

On the way to the cabin there was this crafting community. In there was Santa's Claus-et that had a lot of ornaments and other christmas decor. The best part was Santa! Parker was more interested in the train going around the room than santa. He got a free ornament and candycane from Santa.

most of the craft stores had random cut out that you could take pictures at. These were the ones at Santa's place.

Drew was able to come up early on Friday! I didnt do so good on planning and with our schedule, so we didnt end up going rafting (which drew really wanted to do) and we didnt get to go to Ober Gatlinburg (a ski resort thats an off season amusement part). But we were able to ride a ski lift, which is all I really wanted to do (I never have before) It was worth it because the view was AMAZING at the top! the picture doesnt do it justice.

Early that day we took some family pictures. It was a big deal for my family because we havent taken legit pictures since 2005! Parker was quite the character at the pictures! 

 this is the cutest thing!

Parker was a champ on our 4.5 hour drive home!

it was a great week! the smoky moutains and area were so green! Drew and I both thought it was a little hard to transition back to Louisville because it just looked rough compared to where we were. The trees arent as big, the green isnt as green. haha. According to Drew, we WILL be going back for a visit before we're done with dental school. Thanks mom and dad for a great week!