November 24, 2010

Parker won the race!

Monday I had my 16 week pre-natal appointment. Luckily the doctor let us find out what we are having! Drew's wish came true! It's a boy! Parker (no decided middle name) Solomon!

look at him getting so big! 5 inches now

this is kind of a scary picture. Dr. Beck said this is his halloween picture. ha! atleast he'll have my big eyes!

here's the proof. You're lookin at his bum. his legs are on either side with his 'goods' in the middle. hahaha, man, he'll hate me one day for posting that.

Either way, super pumped! as I said at the beginning, no middle name is decided on. But ya know, what's your opinion?

-Parker Aiden-
-Parker James-
-Parker Layne-
-Parker Cole-

I won't tell you which ones I like, just know, Drew does NOT like all of these. So just curious, which do you like the best.


Well, this is my last cookie jar lid from my christmas present last year. I like getting monthly packages from my mom. Welp, heres to Thanskgiving.

November 16, 2010

today could be the day...

That starts deciding our future. Well, thats how I see it anyway.

Today my dad has his second interview in Kentucky for a job. Why this will have an effect on us is that fact that if he gets the job, I'm sold on going to University of Louisville for dental school. Honestly, that's my number one pick either way because that would put me closer to my family. BUUTT, if he gets the job (and Drew gets accepted) we'll be TWO HOURS! from my parents. Um, can you say totally do-able! Two hours would be nothing for me compared to what were currently at of an all day flight or 3 day drive. So, two hours is awesome!

To also add to the closeness of family would be my two sisters 4 hours from us. They would live two hours from my parents on the other side. So, kinda perfect location for the parents being right in the middle. And that would even be closer to them then they are now. They are currently 3+ hours from eachother.

Then to the north my brother and his family would be 5 hours from us! again, totally do-able! Yeah, I could see everyone atleast once a month!! Might not seem like tons still, but we're currently at like once a year if that! I have seen my mom a little more this year only because my cousin got married in Sept and Drew graduates ASU in Dec so her, my dad, and sisters will be coming out. and I'll see her atleast twice next year in May- when the baby is due, and in Dec because its their year to have us for christmas!

But hopefully it'll be alot more inbetween because we'll be moving in that time too... hopefully to Kentucky and be so close!

I have admitted to a few people that if we dont go to Kentucky for school, especially if my parents move there, I'm not gunna make Drew's 4 years of dental school very fun. Horrible of me? Yeah, probably. But this might be my last chance to live by my family.

so again.... today could be the start of deciding our future. Send your prayers Davey's way (thats my dad, p.s.)

November 01, 2010

Goodbye October

so I was a little delayed on posting my October cookie jar lid but there ya go. My only halloween decor. I just couldnt pull myself to go buy decorations for this holiday. One I did not participate in at all. I hung a sign on the door Saturday and Sunday saying " No candy tonight, sorry" and went to bed. Yeah, I'm a party pooper. But when you have a little dog who loves little kids and running away, it was just asking for trouble to actually pass out candy. So I passed.

Some recent happenings pregnancy wise, I did throw up for the first time last week. Seems weird to me since I was 12 weeks along before it happened. My family all thought it was a fluke since Ihadn't been sick at all. Well, today confirmed that all it was. Drew woke up with a lil funny feeling. Same one I had the day I got sick. Seems like its just been going around our house but with almost a week in between each of us. Drew's bro started it all almost two weeks ago. About five days later, it hit me. About the same amount of time passed and it hit drew. that poor thing. But we are relieved to know I didnt not get sick because of the pregnancy.

My next appointment is in 3 weeks, Nov 22nd. I'll be 16 weeks and hoping we might be able to figure out what we're having! I'm okay either way because I do want multiples of each at some point. Its more just that I was to be a name to this growing belly. So.. fingers crossed!

Upcoming events in November:
Dental school interviews in Colorado and Oklahoma!