April 25, 2013

Perfect weather = zoo

I kind of put it out there that we were going to the zoo on Monday and got some friends to agree to go as well. It got a little unorganized once we got there but we had fun. It sure wore Parker out, he took at 4 1/2 hr nap that day! here are some pictures I took. I got worse at taking pictures the further into the zoo we went.
my poor attempt at a panoramic short 
Parkers favorite zoo animal

during that unorganized part I mentioned before, the kids played in the beloved hippie van. (Parker S: thomas hoody, Parker B: grey shirt, Eli: blue shirt, Connor: orange shirt)
checking out Tarzans daddy. Lydia, Parker B, Parker S, Lily
cant forget the truck by the bears. there were 2 brown bears in this exhibit that were going crazy. running around, rough housing, jumping in the truck. it made the half of the truck outside of the exhibit bounce when the bear jumped into the bed of the truck. kind of freaked the kids out
A couple of us went back for the tiger trainer. Parker thought it was pretty cool. Sorry for the horrible picture at the end, just trying to show her standing up.

April 19, 2013

Warmer weather

We are finally starting to get some warmer weather here in good 'ole Kentucky. which is weird to say since its not so warm today. Anyway, with this warm weather, we've have been trying to spend a lot of time outside at the park.
P needed some time to get reacquainted with the sand
I have no idea who's lawnmower this was but Parker sure liked it. Thats a plus to living by ppl with kids, someone always brings a "new toy" to the park and the other kids LOVE it!
One day we went to Old Navy to get P some flip flops. The ladies loved him so much they let him pick out a balloon. yes, he did pick out the purple one.
he loved it so much. sadly it popped shortly after the picture has he walked up a little hill to the park.
chatting with his girlfriend Paisley
They totally posed themselves for the picture. don't they look so cute in their matching blue. 

The next day I took P to feed the ducks at Long Run Park. He totally remembered what do to. He grabbed bread and was yelling, "duuuuckies! bread!! duuuuckies!" He would break off pieces and throw it to them.
doesnt he looks soo grow up here?!
We found some other ducks at a different park of the pond but they were too cool for us.
Parker got pretty close but they refused to eat the bread.

Cabela's has come to Louisville. We thought we'd get crazy and go opening day. It really wasnt tooo busy but we did have to park a little ways away in the grass, which made it not so fun when we left and it was raining.
of course his favorite part was the fishies
trying to make out with the fish
at one point he layed down on that ridge and said "night night"
little ham! (his last day with this long of hair)

so there arent too many dental student kids that are boys at our complex. and the ones we do have LOVE superheros. I mean loooove! they have masks, capes, swords, shields, whatever accessory goes with the superheros. Sunday P tried on one of the masks. he thought it was pretty funny. He just kept sayin "Parper ba-man"
Later that night we went to a friends bday get together for snocones.
Parker found this chair and just loved it! We have adult size ones we take to the park so I think he just liked it was his size.
He sat in it any chance he could. eating his little snocone.

He even tried on a birthday hat.
This kid loves the park now! We stopped at the Berrytown park on the way home from the gym one day and he just loved this thing. I posted this picture on IG and Drew's friend said "you name a kid parker and of course he's gonna like parks. Just be glad you didn't name him Guy.." oh JT, you kill me

April 18, 2013

Henry's Ark

Last Saturday, I believe it was, we took a little family trip to discover a gem of Louisville. Its a free, non-profit zoo called Henry's ark. You know the movie - We bought a zoo? Yeah its not really like that at all. Most of the animals are kind of farm animals: goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits. There were a couple llamas, a camel, an ostrich, some Emus, deer, maybe bison off in a field, and maybe a water buffalo? Most of the animals had holdings close to eachother and the owners just kept the gates open between them so the animals mixed, minus a few. But one thing we did really like was that you could feed the animals. I bought a 2 lb bag of carrots just for the trip. I'll bring more for next time because those deer sure can eat.

the goats would just come up to the fence and put their front legs on it waiting for food.
P watching some kids feed the goats.
I cant remember for sure, but this guy didnt have like any teeth. It really wanted the carrot though. Drew was worried he'd choke.
checking out one of many free range roosters
checking out some geese
well hello there minster camel. this guy was tall!
see what I mean about standing on the fence?
P got brave enough to feed the goats. He thought it was pretty funny. this carrot was actually for the tan goat, but the brown one stole it.
feeding the camel
P finds joy in everything, even this garbage can wheel. haha
petting a sleeping bunny
for some reason when we were at the deer, Parker kept wanted to poke them
they had the nicest deer!
another joy Parker found. an empty kiddy pool. he loved it!
this was probably his  favorite thing at Henrys ark, this lawn cement frog. He just bounced on it saying ribbit ribbit. It made it quite the hot commodity for other kids. he cried when we went to see more animals and he couldnt sit on it anymore.
these donkeys where out by the parking lot. P mooched some bread off a lady and started feeding the donkeys.
he gave his entire first slice to the donkey. the next slice he was pulling apart and feeding it to them. 
he was pretty brave