May 23, 2014

Little P is 3!

I cant believe this little crazy is 3!! time has seriously gone soo fast. He is the silliest too. We just love him to pieces! The morning of his birthday I went to the store and got him donuts before he woke up. I blew up some balloons to put in his room but he woke up and was like "you putting those in my room?" then of course he was awake. My parents came up the night before and stayed the night. P was like crazy man that morning. He didnt really even want to eat donuts, he was just in entertainer mode and was being so silly for my parents.
drew snapped this cool pic before he headed off to school

so my little sister got home from her mission on P's birthday. that was the main reason my parents came up the night before, to make better use of time. 
my mom commented I didnt really look pregnant in this pic, but then again i do have a large sign in front of my belly.
skyping with my older sister who is currently in France
playin with his toy from his cousins before he opened the rest of his presents.
this present was wooden jigsaw puzzles. it has 4 different ones inside, bus, race car, train, and fire truck. hes actually pretty good at putting them together. i think they are each 12 pieces
look at that face!! he found this remote control lightning mcqueen a week or 2 ago and reaaally wanted it. he accepted that we werent getting it that day but would TELL me he was getting it for his birthday. He was sooo excited when he opened it. 
another gift hes been TELLing us he was getting. Drew has a couple different knives that he switches out carrying and Parker loves them. so hes been wanting a knife. Drew found a smaller version just like his only its wood. Its made by the same brand as his so it looks the same, only wood. Once he opened it he held it up in the air and said "MY KNIFE!!" then started chopping and stabbing the air saying kill kill.
he continued to open his presents with the knife in a cutting manner. it kinda cut the paper but thats all.
blowing out candles.
that face! we had to do it again because I was videoing it and didnt get a pick. he said he didnt want to blow it out because it hurt his eyes. I'm assuming he meant the smoke
after his nap his friend Paisley came over to bring him a present. she got him Dr Drill 'n fill. if you havent seen it, its a playdough guy that you can build teeth for and give him braces and stuff. its super cute. P loves the drill and even walks around "drilling" his own teeth,
what a sweetie! at his 3 yr check up the next day he weighed 36.6 pounds- 80% and was 38 in tall- 60%

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