May 24, 2014

Cove Christian

(I started this post the day of delivery and would add to it. then baby came and its taken almost 2 weeks to post)
At my 38 week appointment my doctor asked if I wanted to be induced. I said oh I don't care. She said it was my choice. I made a comment about this weekend would be convenient for drew since he had a 4 day weekend. She said yeah, we can do that, I'm on call. Let us know by Friday and we'll schedule you. I hit 39 weeks yesterday. So I had to call at 5am to see if they had room for me. They said they did and to come in at 7.
I was in my room ready to go by about 715.
Melissa (our nurse, like her so far) started the IV and got my antibiotics (I'm group b strep positive) and pitocin going around 8. Game plan is, or so Melissa predicts, when dr Evans does rounds in a few hours, she'll break my water and I'll get my epidural around then.

10:05 pitocin is turned up from a 24 to a 30. Contractions are waaaay stronger and longer and have moved to my back. I don't know if I'll make it without the epidural until the dr comes by.

11:35 dr Evans checked me- sadly no change. She broke my water. That was crazy!! Didn't hurt but tons of fluid. Definitely different than with P and it breaking on its own. Of course I had to pee after and when I sat up tons more came out. I swear a gallon came out of me when I sat down to pee. I requested my epidural (I guess the nurse didn't want me to have it until my water was broken) she's running more fluids through me before I get it. I guess it helps maintain my blood pressure. Hurry fluids!! I'm over these contractions. Oh and dr Evans said my head will probably start to spin in the next hour with how quick things will pick up. Melissa estimates eta of cove at 6pm

12:15 got my epidural!! The dr was super nice. It was more uncomfortable than I remember it being but okay. Hoping for no spinal headaches or other complications. In Kentucky the husbands have to leave the room (not that drew woulda stayed in if he could) so he went for lunch for him. Man I'm getting hungry. Bonded with Melissa during the procedure. She's from las cruces, nm. We talked about dental wives from Utah haha. Catheter went in about 12:30. Luckily the epi is working pretty good and was told to take a nap. 

3:06 Melissa checked me and I'm an 8! She was happy that it's going a little faster than she expected. I'm just glad its doing something because I'm starting to feel the pressure of the contractions now. I'm completely effaced so just a little more to go. She said it should be under 2 hrs before we push

3:35ish dr Evans and Melissa came in and said its time. They were judging that off the monitors. Dr evans went to check and just said yeah, he's ready now I see his head. They got the peds nurse and a scrub tech in and she got all dressed and we were ready to go. They say I pushed for 6 minutes, dr Evans said 3 minutes.  But 2 contractions worth.
8lbs 14 oz, 21.5 in, 14.5 in head. They said he'd be 9 pounds but he poo'd twice and peed before they weighed him
 I had a little tearing but they weren't concerned.
 I got to do lots of skin to skin with cove after. Like everyone left, minus drew, and just let us be. We tried nursing. He was a little unsure at first and got upset but once he figured it out he was a champ. I had just switched him sides when they were ready to move us to recovery. Drew got to hold him for the first time while Melissa was trying to get me switched over beds and stuff 
This kid is seriously so chill. They did his bath in the room once we moved to recovery. Drew helped trim the umbilical cord. He wasn't going to at first but the nurse was poking fun at him. He fussed a little bit during his bath but not much. We did more skin to skin to warm him back up. We had tried nursing before they switched us rooms and he did so good. Fussed a little at first but once he got the swing of it and we found a hold he liked, he was a champ.

Sunday lil man got clipped. I was in the shower when they came to get Him. When I came out and drew told me they took him I asked if he kissed him goodbye and wished him luck. He said no but that he took his picture. Haha. A weird thing (I think it's weird) Kentucky does is the OB actually doesthe circumcision. My doctors group doesn't do them and turn the rights over to the hospital so usually the neonatologist does them but for whatever reason a NP did it. Idk how I feel about that, not to say a nurse practitioner couldn't do a good job, it was just weird. But they everything seems fine. He slept most of the day then was wide awake in the evening. Like 10p-2a
That's how he feels about being clipped 
We think he looks like my nephew Jayden here
Workin on his head control. I'm impressed he's so good already.
Ready to head home. One thing I do like that Kentucky does is the pediatrician did rounds with cove. In az it was just whoever was there that worked at the hospital. We LOOOOOVE our new pediatrician.  He jokes that cove is his namesake, his name is Christian . Good 'old dr Chris.

P went home with my parents the Wednesday before we had cove. They came back to the Ville on Monday and arrived just a little after we got home. P seemed huge compared to cove. He was pretty clingy, we'll not clingy but definitely wanted to stay close to me. I was soo swollen after giving birth. Apparently that's normal?

P wasn't willing to hold cove until the next day. But he loves him. Gave him a kiss on his own. P's hair is pretty awesome huh
I kinda love that he curls up when he cuddles. He loves to have a hand by his face when sleeping.
Look at these cuties. P seriously loves Cove. They are going to be too funny when cove gets older.
Lil cove is a week old
Hahaha this is his milk coma face
He's 10 days old here. 
And today.

this kid is a champ. super mellow. if he ever cries its because hes starving, or thinks he is and even then he'll stop crying if you pick him up. hed way rather sleep than eat. he put himself on a schedule and if he gets off a little bit from sleeping longer, he'll cluster feed and put himself back on schedule. he does really well over night. last night after waking up at 12 to eat he went back to sleep and slept for 6.5 hours! the night before he did over 5 hours! luckily for me he's doing better about going right back to sleep after he eats in the middle of the night. before he would just stay awake for atleast an hour. the sleeping is nice but its not so nice on my boobs. hes becoming more and more alert when he is awake which is fun. he has 2 dimples when he does a full smile. the right side is more prominent like Ps. but boy will he be a heartbreaker when he starts really smiling with those dimples. we just love him

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